Mercedes SUV Coupe

Mercedes SUV Coupe

mercedes suv coupeIs this the Merc you’ve been waiting for? Rival to the BMW X6? Here’s what TopGear think about the concept coupe.

When we first saw Mercedes-Benz’s Concept Coupe SUV, we had no context, nor data, about its size. We surmised it was probably a smaller, A-Class based offering. It isn’t.

Today we can reveal that the big Merc is indeed a Big Merc: it measures nearly five metres in length and stands 1.75m tall, dimensions that put it on par with the BMW X6, though it’s a touch wider even than that monster Beemer. It’s just a study into how a potential four-door, four-wheel-drive SUV/Coupe Thing could look, using design elements familiar to other Benz coupes in the range.

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