April 7th, 2005 was a sombre day for MG aficionados. After being passed around between several manufactures including BMW and Rover, no one seemed to want the destitute MG, and the vehicle production officially ceased. It wasn’t until 2011 that the manufacturer returned to the market with a new model, under ownership of SAIC. MG is once again fighting for the hearts and wallets of UK buyers with the release of the 2015 MG 6.

Autocar’s Matt Burt gives this verdict in his MG 6 review “For a model born out of significant corporate strife, it’s admirable that the MG 6 comes so close to offering a competitive package, and even more impressive that, in terms of ride and handling, it is comparable with the best in its class.”

The 2015 MG 6 can be fitted with one of two engine options; the 158bhp 1.8-litre petrol which is good for 0-60mph in

The 2014 MG 3 is something of a contradiction in terms, and a wonderful one at that. According to the Encarta dictionary, super is defined as exceptionally large or powerful while mini describes a smaller version of something. MG is rather contradictory itself – a British icon now under Chinese control. With the 2014 MG 3 hopes to regain footing in the UK by appealing to consumers in the same way your ‘made in China’ toaster does – by offering a low price. The entry-level Time model starts at £8,399, Form trim is priced at £9,299 (£9,549 for the 3 Form Sport) and the top of the line Style costs just £9,999. Even though it’s inexpensive, the 3 still offers attractive styling, a spacious interior and plenty of features. Under the bonnet, all models of the 2014 MG 3 get the 105bhp 1.5-litre petrol engine with a five-speed manual gearbox. So, if you want to make your

The stunning MG CS concept is an MG urban SUV that will be unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show.

MG SUV Concept

It will be the world premiere of the cutting-edge MG CS concept, designed to slot into the compact SUV sector, one of the fastest growing areas of the global automotive market where style and sports utility dominate fashion trends.

It’s the latest result of a massive investment in the brand by MG’s owner, the giant SAIC Motor group, and previews the MG CS as MG’s first production urban SUV. It will be unveiled on the on April 20, Press Day at the Shanghai Show. I suppose the question will remain, is this to be the new tone of the MG brand?

It has been penned by a top design team led by MG’s Global Design Director, Anthony Williams-Kenny. The MG CS concept oozes British design [...]

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