Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S


BMW have done a great job with the Mini. But there hottest version doesn’t quite cut it, find out why in this review by Matt Robinson of

With some scorching new rivals on the market, has the hottest version of the current Mini got what it takes?

If you’re after a hot supermini, you’re well catered for these days. There’s the Ford Fiesta ST, the Peugeot 208 GTI and the Renault Clio RS, to name but a few. But what if you want a little more badge kudos? For that, you’ll want a Mini, and that’s a safe choice; hot Minis have a habit of being rather good, after all. But does the newest Cooper S continue that trend?

On the outside, it’s scarcely different from the outgoing Mini. You can’t blame BMW for not toying too much with what’s been a very successful recipe, but [...]

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