new BMW X6

new BMW X6

Or is the BMW X4…well TopGear give it a test drive anyway…

Yes, we thought they’d sent us pictures of the X4 by accident, but a close look showed the X6 badge. Among the X6s in the shots here, there’s a cherry-red car (pic 3) – and that one is an X4. We might have wasted few opportunities to say that the last X6 was a vulgar machine with a fat backside and a stuff-you outlook.

The new X6 is, as you’d expect given BMW’s inexorable across-the-range technical evolution, better in pretty well every measurable way than the old. Among its claims are more power, less consumption, more strength, more space.

The new design feature is that second crease that curls over the rear wheel-arch. It’s also present on the X4, but not the X3 or X5. A quick spotter’s point to tell the X6 from the X4: only the X6 has BMW’s ‘air curtain’ [...]

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