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What are the deciding factors when buying a new car - header
Where do you look when you're searching for ideas and recommendations on a new car? Do you rely on reviews? Or are you more interested in what friends and family have to say? In this article we look at the various things which influence us when making a large purchase.
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As you are approaching the end of your lease contract, you might be wondering when it is time for you to start looking for your next vehicle. On average, according to AutoTrader, it takes 14.4 hours to get a new car. Of course, this isn’t all in one go, this is staggered over a period of time. But when you choose to start that journey is up to you...

Fleet leasing vs. buying

Are you looking for new fleet vehicles? When it comes to leasing or buying it can be a tricky decision but do you know the benefits of each option?
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To buy or not to buy. That really is the question here. If you simply can't decide between fleet leasing versus buying then this article is especially for you. It can be a tough decision but as ever, your friends here at OSV are here to help by rounding up all of the key considerations when looking at fleet leasing versus buying. Like any good versus article, we'll kick off with the pros of each. While purchasing a fleet vehicle may seem expensive it does have some benefits. That being said, when purchasing multiple fleet vehicles you’ll find cost savings if you are not buying them all in one go. In the automotive industry, this is known as fleet purchasing. In recent years fleet dealers have been incentivising on fleets upwards of 3-4 cars but discounts used to only qualify on fleets of 10 cars or more. The cars are an asset within the business which helps with your accounts and the strength of your balance sheet. It can be re-sold to gain some funds into the business. Owning your vehicle's gives the business some level of control and flexibility. Enabling you to dispose of them whenever you like, Maintaining the vehicles and the condition of them is also down to your discretion.

How to get your first car loan

We take a look at how to get your first car loan...
You’ve decided that you want a new car, but you’re going to have to take out a loan to do so. Getting your first car loan can, at first, sound like a daunting prospect. The word loan comes with all sorts of connotations that can send people into a panic and phrases like interest rate and APR get thrown around, leaving people confused and put off. However, getting a car loan isn’t scary, nor complicated. In fact, it’s a pretty simple process. But, we understand that unless you know that process, it might not seem that way. And that’s where we come in. In this article, we’re going to look at how to get your first car loan, from the credit check to whether you might want to consider a guarantor.

Should I upgrade my car?

We talk about everything you need to know to make that all important decision...
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If you’ve had your car for a while now, you might be wondering whether it’s time for an upgrade. On average, it is expected that people will keep their cars for up to six years until they purchase another one. However, that number is changing and it doesn’t always apply to you. Should you upgrade your car? And if so, how should you go about it? In this article, we look at when you should upgrade your car, how you should upgrade it and whether you should go through a dealership or a vehicle broker.

How to get the best deal on a new car

Buying a new car and want to get the best deal? This guide shows you how.
How to get the best deal on a new car
If you've made the decision to purchase a new car you'll likely already be aware of the downsides. In case you're not sure. Take a look at this article on the pluses and minuses of buying a new car. One of the downsides is the large decrease in the value of your car from the moment it's driven off of the forecourt. There are a few ways you can save some money though. In this article, we'll tell you how to get the best deal on a new car.

Pluses and minuses of buying a car

Thinking of buying a car? We'll take you through the pluses and minuses of car buying
Pluses and Minuses of buying a car
The time has come to get a new car. While it's exciting and you'll probably spend a lot of time researching the best makes and models for your needs. You're also faced with a myriad of options of how best to obtain your car. It can be difficult to decide which option will suit you best. In this article, we'll take you through the pluses and minuses of buying a car, as well as take a look at your other options.

When should I upgrade my car?

How to tell if you should upgrade your car
when should I upgrade my car
You’ve had your car for a while now, and you’re starting to think of upgrading it. There are some things that you should think about first.For example;When are you going to sell it? Where are you going to sell the car? Are you going to part-exchange? How much are you going to try and sell it for?Luckily, we have written this article helping you to answer all the questions I’ve just listed above. We advise people on upgrading their cars every single day. So we know exactly what things you are going to have to consider before you decide to upgrade...
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