New cars in September 2014

New cars in September 2014

 That’s right- all new cars at the Paris Motor Show 2014

 Nissan, Lexus and Suzukis are going to go head to head for the Paris Motor Show. Here’s what to expect from them.

In advance of the release of the new cars at the Paris Motor Show 2014 this October, car manufacturers have begun strutting their stuff with their latest models. Suzuki has released details of what they will showcase in Paris, whilst Lexus have announced a new car on sale now. Nissan have also unveiled two new cars at the Moscow Motor Show. There is lots of excitement to be found in the release of these revised and improved models so here is the low down on what you can expect to see on the market soon.

The new Suzuki Vitara

The Vitara has gone through a rigorous makeover in time for it hitting UK showroom floors in Spring [...]

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