Nissan Recalls Qashqui

Nissan Recalls Qashqui

The main news today is Nissan Recalls Qashqui.

Also we’ll tell you what’s happening at BMW and talk about Speeding. Maybe we need a little something to dull the news as Nissan Recalls Qashqui first.

Firstly, It’s bad news for drivers and speeders, the death of the speed camera has been greatly exaggerated. According to a report in The Daily Telegraph, they’re set to make a comeback – and, thanks to digital technology, they’ll be more efficient than ever before.

Apparently, 21 of the 33 safety partnerships who responded to the newspaper’s questions are now installing new digital speed cameras.

Unlike current film GATSOs and other brands, they can effectively take pictures indefinitely as they can’t run out of film. Because images of speeding motorists are sent straight to a control centre, they are also much cheaper to run.

The Telegraph is predicting the number [...]

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