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Peugeot Partner Tepee Diesel Estate vs Citroen Berlingo MultiSpace vs Fiat Doblo Estate: Review & Comparisons

In need of a estate car? The Peugeot Partner Tepee Diesel Estate could be a great choice but how does it compare to Citroen & Fiat?
dark metallic peugeot partner tepee diesel estate
The new Peugeot Partner Tepee Diesel Estate is a solid alternative to a conventional family car. It might not be much fun on the road, but it’s well stocked-up with kit, and super practical and versatile. It’s essentially a van-based people carrier, so if you can get past its looks, this could be the best family car you’ve ever owned. It’s affordable to run, and makes for the perfect way to get you and the kids from A to B and beyond. It’s dependable, rugged, and ready to solve all your interior space issues.

Peugeot Ion Hatchback vs Citroen C-Zero vs Nissan Leaf Hatchback: Reviews & Comparisons

Want to be kinder to the environment? The Peugeot Ion hatchback could help you make a difference but does it match performance of Citroen & Nissan models?
a metallic blue peugeot ion hatchback parked on tarmac infront of bright building
The new Peugeot Ion Hatchback is a cute, dinky, all-electric city car that sports four seats and a small but willing petrol engine. Its electric motor develops up to 64bhp, and can keep going for 93 miles on a single charge. It’s a car for trailblazers who want to make the transition to a fully EV. Space-age aesthetics are complimented by low running costs, which offer a good contrast to the somewhat high starting price. If you want a modern electric car for the commute to work, it’s a strong contender.

Peugeot 508 Diesel Saloon vs Mazda 6 Diesel Saloon vs Toyota Avensis Diesel Saloon: Review & Comparisons

In the market for a saloon? The Peugeot 508 Diesel Saloon would be a wise choice but how does it compare to similar models from Mazda & Toyota?
a metallic Toyota Avensis diesel saloon isolated on a white background
The new Peugeot 508 Diesel Saloon is handsome, comfortable, and boasts top-notch interior quality. However, with prices starting out from £25,000, it looks pricey. There is a reason for its eye-catching price tag - Peugeot want to send out a signal that this is more than your average mainstream large saloon car. It’s a bit classier than that. And while its stylish looks and excellent cabin quality attest to that, some buyers might be put off by its lack of practicality.

Peugeot 108 Hatchback vs SEAT Mii Hatchback vs Citroen C1 Hatchback: Review & Comparisons

In need of a new hatchback? The new Peugeot 108 hatchback could be the right choice but how does it do against SEAT & Citroen?
The new Peugeot 108 Hatchback is a budget-friendly city car that will bring a smile on drivers’ faces. It’s easy to drive, stylish and makes that morning commute to work that bit easier. It’s also cheap to run, but the best thing? Its higher-trim models come with a full-length folding roof if you want it. Granted, it’s not got a great deal of rear space, but the five-door version makes access easier. And if you’re looking for a car to potter about in the town with, the 108 has a lot of appeal.

Vans for plasterers

In need of a new van? There are several van models out there to choose from but which one is the best for a plasterer?
When it comes to transporting essential tools and equipment for plastering, you need a van that offers a generous payload but is suitable for a variety of customer locations. Ladders and boards are crucial for the job at hand so you need a van that is wide enough and can take extra racking for essential large tools. There are several van models out there but which one is the best for a plasterer?

Vans for builders

Are you a builder in need of a van? We explore in this article all the information you need to know and the best vans for builders
a group of builders looking at building plans in half built
The building trade is becoming increasingly popular. This has been since the introduction of 'work and earn' learning incentives such as apprenticeships. Another contributing factor to this growing trade is the pressure on governments to build more housing. The UK simply does not have enough homes to house everyone living here. Combine this with the low mortgage interest rates which have also made the demand for property much higher and you can see why it's such a valuable trade. Builders undertake a variety of roles under their humble title and are often thought of as the glue that holds a construction project together. It is therefore imperative that builders have a trusty and reliable vehicle. The ability to get from job to job and between trade suppliers and site is essential. Because a builder typically sets their hand to most construction efforts they will need to be prepared with a full toolkit and enough space for the materials to fulfil a wide variety of jobs. A builder can construct anything from a garage, extension, even a home built from scratch so you can imagine the variety of materials needed to cover all of these jobs. Therefore their vehicle requirements can be a challenging consideration. Deciding between a pic [.

Vans for roofers

In need of a new van for your roofing business? We have created this article to give you all the information needed & the best vans to suit you
a working in high vis jacket installing a new roof on a house
Roofing as a business can take you sky high.... literally. With the volume of new homes being built in the UK currently, it's a trade that will never go out of fashion. Roofing is a lucrative business to be part of, especially in areas with a significant amount of development. As a roofer, you will undoubtedly know the importance of your trusty van. It not only transports you and your equipment from job to job, but it's also there by your side to collect materials from the builder's merchant. Reliability is key. How frustrating to have a perfect weather day for a roofing job and have to cancel at the last minute because the van won't start! Not good business at all.

Top vans for glazing

Are in you in the market for a van for your glazing business? We explore all that you need to know and the best vans for the job
Are you a window installer who is on the lookout for the best vans for business? Do you wish to own a vehicle which helps you in delivering professional workmanship by maintaining the highest possible standards to your customers? No matter whether you work in the domestic market or in the commercial market, the job of window fitting comes with certain essential equipment. Just like aluminum ladder and smart work-wear, you even need to invest in a high-quality vehicle so that it assists you in your day-to-day activities. From carrying your essential tools and equipment to serving as a rolling billboard wherever you go, there are many benefits of purchasing a van ideal for glazing.

The Peugeot 508 RXH is kind of a big deal for the RXH, and for Peugeot at large. Sales haven’t gone too well since the original Peugeot 508 RXH was first launched back in 2012. Despite offering 4WD, and despite it being an extra addition to their arsenal of diesel/electric hybrid cars, the Peugeot 508 RXH didn’t go down too well with consumers. But the Peugeot 508 RXH is certainly an interesting – and affordable – Peugeot 508 estate. Let’s take a closer look at what the Peugeot 508 RXH offers with our Peugeot 508 review.

Like most hybrids, the Peugeot 508 hybrid comes with an automatic gearbox only, though it does also offer a set of gearshift paddles. But the real talking point here is what power the diesel engine – which drives the front wheels – and the 36bhp AC electric motor – which takes care of the rear – give you.

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