plugin hybrid

plugin hybrid

5 reasons your next company car should be a plug-in hybrid

Looking for a new company car? Here's why it should be a plugin hybrid...
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If you’re looking at getting a new company car, then you might want to consider getting a plugin hybrid.Plugin hybrids are becoming increasingly popular, and we predict that they will only become more popular in the coming years.But, why do they make good company cars?In this article, we look at 5 reasons why we think your next company car should be a plugin hybrid.

Plug-in hybrid vs. electric: which is best?

We weigh up the ULEV's to find out which is best...
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Love them or loathe them, low emission vehicles are going to become increasingly popular in the future, and you might already be considering investing in one as your next car.Plugin hybrids and electric vehicles are both considered ultra-low emission vehicles. This means that they emit less than 75g/km of CO2. Both types of car have their pros and cons, and they are suited to different people.So, in this article, we’re going to compare the two on a variety of things including efficiency, cost and which one is right for you.

What are the best luxury plugin hybrids?

Looking for a plugin hybrid with an executive feel? We take a look at the most luxurious plugin hybrids on the market today...
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Plugin hybrids have become increasingly popular as of late. So much so that there is pretty much a plugin hybrid for everyone these days, whether you’re looking for a city car or something more luxurious.And speaking of luxurious, what luxury plugin hybrids are the best?Luxury and environmentally friendly haven’t always gone hand in hand, however, times are changing and there are now a lot of cars that don’t compromise on luxury or their carbon footprint.So, we take a look at the best plugin hybrids that offer you that little bit more luxury.

Should I get a plug-in hybrid?

Looking at getting a plugin hybrid? Here's what you need to know...
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Plugin hybrids are pretty new on the scene. Well, new compared to standard hybrids that is. And, we suspect that they are only going to get even more popular in the months and years to come. However, one of the questions that we get asked quite a lot is ‘should I get a plugin hybrid?’ And it’s a good question, and it’s important that you weigh up your options so you can make an informed decision.In this article, we compare a plugin hybrid to a standard hybrid and an electric car, to see which one is right for you.

Best plug-in hybrids for Company Car Tax

Looking for a plugin hybrid for your next company car? Look no further...
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If you have read up on the changes to company cars, then you are probably thinking of investing in a plugin hybrid as your next company car. If you are unsure of the new changes, don’t panic, we explain them below.Plugin hybrids are one of your best options if you are looking for low company car tax, and to avoid the salary sacrifice changes we are going to discuss below.But, which plugin hybrids are best? It should be noted here that this article is about plugin hybrids only...

Is a plug-in hybrid worth it?

Are plugin hybrids all their cracked up to be? We take a look at whether a plugin hybrid is really worth it...
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Plugin hybrids are a great alternative to fully electric cars and are perfect for those who don’t want to take that leap into a full battery powered vehicle.And they are becoming increasingly popular, there’s no doubt they will become a common sight on British roads in the years to come.However, one of the questions asked a lot is ‘are plugin hybrids worth it?’In this article, we look at the pros and cons of a plugin hybrid, and whether they’re really worth the hype.
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