range rover evoque hatchback

range rover evoque hatchback

Don’t be fooled: Although the new Range Rover Evoque hatchback might look very similar to its predecessor, a lot has changed underneath the skin so that this rugged beauty is now a very different, very mightier proposition. Efficiency is much better, an exciting new fleet of diesel units have been introduction, and equipment is improved. As such, this SUV hatch continues to set all the important precedents in its sector.

Naturally, its rivals were waiting for Land Rover to trip and stumble because surely the Evoque couldn’t keep being this good. But are the changes that have been implemented enough to keep the buyers happy? Let’s take a closer look with our review.


Range Rover Evoque Test Drive


A lot has changed at Land Rover in recent years. The Discovery Sport has all but replaced the ageing Freelander, but perhaps the biggest changes have come with the engines – namely the production

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