s class saloon

s class saloon

Is the Mercedes S-Class saloon the best that’s ever been created? That’s always been the argument in the past. The new model certainly hasn’t returned with a whimper, it is more discreet than last time around. What this means is that fresh innovations and improvements are there, but they require you to look a little bit more closely than usual. Which is no bad thing.

The saloon benefits from improvements to both efficiency and safety, while luxury has also been ramped up a notch. Is it still the best car in the world, as Mercedes Benz say it is? Let’s take a closer look with our review.


Mercedes S-Class Test Drive


Mercedes turned up suitably late to the hybrid party, and it’s now wasting no time in trying to get the girl before anyone else does. There are a pair of hybrid engines on offer:

Electric/petrol hybrid
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