safe driving

safe driving

Tips for driving in fog | How to drive safely in foggy weather

Driving in fog can be dangerous. These tips will help keep you and your passengers safe when driving in fog.
Tips for driving in fog
Tips for driving in fog. Driving in foggy conditions can be really eery. Especially if you're caught on an unfamiliar Country road or seemingly deserted high street. These Tips for driving in fog will help you stay safe.

The symptoms of driver fatigue | What you should do to overcome driver fatigue

Exploring the dangers of driver fatigue and how you can ensure you stay alert on the roads
The symptoms of driver fatigue
The symptoms of driver fatigue. Driver fatigue is incredibly dangerous and the primary cause of thousands of road traffic accidents every year. In fact, it is thought that 20% of accidents on the road are partly caused by driver fatigue. Looking at how to prevent driver fatigue and what you should do to cure driver fatigue. Don't sleep and drive.

Safety features in cars and what they’re for

What are the key safety features in cars and what are they for?
safety features in cars
Your car comes with a whole host of incredible safety features, some of which you probably don’t even know are there. The safety of modern cars surpasses all of its predecessors. Safety is a constant area of focus for manufacturers eager to make vehicles safer on the road. This article will detail some of the main safety features you can find in your car, what it’s designed to do and how it works.
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