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How much time do we waste in traffic and how to avoid traffic jams?

Do you think you spend too much time stuck in traffic? Want to know the best way to avoid it? We explore the best ways to spend less time stuck on the road
Line of cars at dusk stuck in traffic with brake lights on
Traffic jams are the bain of most motorists lives. All we want to do when we get into our car is reach our destination as comfortably and quickly as possible. Agreed? Time spent in a car can be enjoyable. Driving along the open road, window down and breeze in your face. But when we're stuck in a traffic jam our cars can feel like a prison. Not moving anywhere and confined between the doors of your cabin for an undisclosed amount of time isn't a pleasant thought.UK roads have been hailed as some of the most gridlocked in the world. I suppose this is to be expected. As a Nation, we are very densely populated and it's no secret that Brits love cars. But that doesn't make the 'traffic jam pill' any easier to swallow.  So, if you want to reduce your time spent sitting in traffic.... and let's face it, who doesn't. Then read on. In this article, we'll be taking a deeper look into how much time we waste in traffic and how to avoid traffic jams.

How useful are Sat Navs? Waste of time or essential driving companion?

Do you find the sav nav gets you more lost than before? Find out here if they are a waste of time or an essential driving companion
picture taken from the inside on a car focusing on the sat nav on dashboard
How useful are Sat Navs? Waste of time or essential driving companion? 76% of UK drivers own a Sat Nav. Whether it's on their smart phone, one of the stand alone devices that attach to the windscreen or a fancy inbuilt navigation system. They have become ingrained into modern driving and have given confidence to more people to take to the roads on longer journeys in their cars. A staple for business drivers too, the SatNav is not without its fans. But how often do we actually use our SatNav? Are they really useful or do they cause more trouble than they are worth? Does our reliance on Sat Nav mean that we can no longer navigate ourselves or read maps? Do we spend less time looking at road signs as a result of Sat Nav usage? In this article, we'll investigate how useful are sat navs and discuss whether they are a waste of time or an essential driving companion. Are Sat Navs a waste of time? Sat Navs aren't famed for always giving the right directions. Reports of these devices taking motorists the wrong way down a one-way street or directing drivers into marinas are all over the web. You might not have experienced this first hand. But you will have almost certainly seen what it's like when 'Sat Nav Goes Sour'. Putting your Sat Na [...]

How to use a sat nav safely

Safety tips for using and operating a satellite navigation system in your vehicle
How to use a sat nav safely main
Sat Navs are a brilliant tool used every day to help people get from A to B. Without the need for an expert map reader in their front passenger seat. There is one problem, they are not entirely safe to operate, especially if you are behind the wheel of a car. In this article, we will take you through the steps of how to use sat navs safely.
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