OSV Motoring News #2
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The Geneva Motor Show 2018 Highlights

A quick round up of some special releases from this years Geneva Motor Show
a metallic green skoda vision X parked on pavement with blue skies in the background
Every one of the highlights of the auto calendar, the Geneva Motor Show always gets our engines going here at OSV. Last year, highlights included the blistering Ferrari 812 SuperFast, the McLaren 720S and the Lamborghini Aventador.Catching the eye and capturing the imagination this time around is a brand new Skoda gas hybrid, Porsche’s stunning rival to the Tesla X - and, um, a Volkswagen school bus that drives itself.There’s more too, including a brand spanking new Aston Martin that’s so fast the brand themselves aren’t letting us know quite how fast just yet!

Best cars for road trips and top tips for keeping car safe

Planning a road trip? These are the best cars on the market for road trip driving and how to keep them safe
Best Cars For Road Trips
Planning a summer road trip is great fun. Getting the nearest and dearest together for a staycation in the UK. Or inviting the whole family on a European camping trip in the warm summer months is what life is all about. Don't spoil the perfect moments by trying to cram all of your road trip 'essentials' into a micro vehicle. Take a look at our list of the best cars for road trips...

A brief history of Skoda

We take a look at the interesting history of the Czech car manufacturer...
Brief History of Skoda - Yellow vintage skoda vehicle
Founded in 1859, Skoda has had a very interesting history as both a state-owned and privately owned car manufacturer. By 2016, Skoda sales had reached 1.13 million cars and profit had risen by 6.5%. But, how did this Czech manufacturer come to be? We take a look at the fascinating history of Skoda...

SEAT Mii vs. Skoda CitiGo vs. Citroen C1

We pit the three city cars against each other in an ultimate comparison...
SEAT Mii vs Skoda CitiGo vs Citroen C1
When looking at new cars, you’re going to look at a few in the same sector to compare a variety of things such as reliability, running costs, safety etc.It is important that you do this to ensure that you are suitably educated when it comes to choosing the car that you are going to buy or lease. So, we’re going to look at three very similar cars, the SEAT Mii, the Skoda CitiGo and the Citroen C1, and compare them on important factors you should be looking at when choosing a new car. Firstly, let’s look at what each model excels in...

Skoda are known to have a fiercely loyal customer-base who are continually happy with what they buy, with the success of the Skoda Superb a testament to this. Is it Skoda’s ambition to dominate the market? Certainly not. Their remit is more centred around keeping their current customers happy, and providing them with a quality vehicle that they will ‘spend 3 years of their life in.’

Indeed, the Skoda Superb is a regular at the top of independent consumer satisfaction surveys. Drivers will tell you that you simply can’t get a more satisfying car than the Superb. Now, with the company adding £1,100 worth of new features to entry level versions, the Skoda Superb MK2 is worth taking a look at. Long chided for being a brand that puts bland functionality before anything else, we reckon there is so much more than meets the eye. And here’s why.

Long-Standing Values

When you

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