How reliable are Smart cars? An honest look at the city cars

Wondering how reliable the Smart car is? Find out here!
White Smart fortwo on a road with the city in the background
Love them or loathe them, everyone has an opinion on Smart cars. Owned by Daimler-Benz, Smart have established themselves as making microcars, and dividing opinions whilst they were at it. The brand are called Smart because of the cooperation between Swatch, the watch company, and Mercedes. It’s a combination of Swatch Mercedes ART. It was originally going to be known as the Swatchmobile. Interesting name origin aside, Smart are known for their city cars that can get into the tightest of places and whether you like it or not, have established themselves into the mainstream automotive industry. But, how reliable are Smart cars? In this article, we look at how reliable Smart cars are, and how they compare to their rivals.
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