Smart ForFour Electric Drive Vs Volkswagen e-Up! Vs Renault Zoe: Review & Comparisons

Are you in the market for an electric town car? In this review, we explore the Smart ForFour Electric Drive and how it compares to other similar vehicles in the market...
a black and green smart forfour electric drive parked in garage being put on charge

A brief history of the Smart car: From the Swatchmobile to the electric ForTwo

Ever wondered how the ultimate city car came to be? We take a look at the interesting history of the Smart car...
History of the Smart Car
The Smart Car. You either love it or loathe it, but you definitely have an opinion on it. The compact car has been dividing opinion for many years now, and whatever your opinion on the microcar, you can’t deny it’s been pretty successful. But, where did it all begin? In this article, we look at the history of the Smart car.
Tiny droptop power: the 2014 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet

Since Smart burst onto the motoring scene over a decade ago, the Smart Car became instantly iconic. If you want a car lease deal on something that’s going to get you around town with the minimum of hassle; something that you can get in and out of the tightest of spaces with absolute ease and something that’s very cheap to run, think 2014 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet.

2014 smart fortwo cabrio front view

If you’re looking for a guaranteed head-turner when shopping around for car leasing deals, the obvious choice is the 2014 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet. It might be the smallest open top you can buy in the UK, but what it lacks in square inches, it more than makes up for in three key areas: attractive design; the type of driving experience that’s perfect for urban motoring and [...]

The 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe is more of a novelty than an actual mode of transportation. Any vehicle that is born from a joint venture between Swatch and Mercedes-Benz can’t be taken too seriously. The minuscule car has always been slow, noisy and rough riding – basically it doesn’t do anything an automobile is supposed to do well. It is however, cute. That’s essentially what it’s got going for it. Oh, and it gets excellent mileage, but there are plenty of cars on the market that do that.

2014 smart fortwo Coupe Front View

Somehow, the 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe’s cute-as-a-button appearance managed to reel in 770,000 buyers during its first deployment. After this initial success, the company decided to also build a five-door family hatch as well as a roadster/coupe. Both cars tanked and Mercedes decided that Smart should concentrate on the original car that [...]

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