superb hatchback

superb hatchback

Skoda are known to have a fiercely loyal customer-base who are continually happy with what they buy, with the success of the Skoda Superb a testament to this. Is it Skoda’s ambition to dominate the market? Certainly not. Their remit is more centred around keeping their current customers happy, and providing them with a quality vehicle that they will ‘spend 3 years of their life in.’

Indeed, the Skoda Superb is a regular at the top of independent consumer satisfaction surveys. Drivers will tell you that you simply can’t get a more satisfying car than the Superb. Now, with the company adding £1,100 worth of new features to entry level versions, the Skoda Superb MK2 is worth taking a look at. Long chided for being a brand that puts bland functionality before anything else, we reckon there is so much more than meets the eye. And here’s why.

Long-Standing Values

When you

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