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How are vehicle manufacturers preventing distraction to drivers

Car technology is becoming an essential part of car safety. We investigate how manufacturers are preventing distractions in their new vehicles
car on the assembly line with orange robots sparking in the for front
We have often hailed in our articles that distracted drivers are the leading causes of road traffic accidents worldwide. Whether it's passing an unusual sight and, like a magpie to a shiny object, our eyes are fixed on that instead of the road. Or, making a bad judgement call and talking on the phone, eating or smoking while behind the wheel. Taking your eyes off the road, even momentarily, can be fatal. The sad truth is that humans are easily distracted by nature. So how do you overcome something that is so ingrained into our being? Well, leading car manufacturer's are taking matters into their own hands. Understanding that people are always going to be easily distracted, they have set about creating new technologies to over-ride us as drivers and reduce human error. These new technologies give the vehicles the control. In what seems like a science-fiction dream modern cars are safer than ever with these amazing new technological advancements. In this article, I'll take you through how some vehicle manufacturers are helping in the war against distracted drivers and the new technology which is helping keep our roads safer.

Driverless cars | An in-depth look into driverless cars

Taking an in depth look into the new technologies behind driverless cars.
Driverless Cars
Yes, you heard right. Driverless cars may seem like a futuristic sci-fi film highlight but they're very much becoming a reality. Another name for the technology is autonomous driving. The first nod towards driverless cars was the introduction of intelligent cruise control. Intelligent cruise control uses a series of sensors and cameras to analyse the road and ensure a safe distance is kept from the vehicle ahead. With these principles as a starting point, technology is developing quickly towards driverless cars. In fact, it is predicted that driverless cars and indeed the whole motors market will be transformed in the next decade.

Infotainment systems in cars

Exploring all of the best infotainment systems in cars
How to stay safe on country roads (Rural)
Infotainment systems are gaining in popularity and the technology is becoming increasingly more advanced. These clever additions for the modern car driver are turning your vehicle into a moving computer or a mobile, mobile phone!..... See what we did there? Simply, it's an integrated system that offers a host of information and entertainment at your fingertips from the dashboard of your car. We've all adopted the smartphone into our lives and now we wonder how we ever lived without Google at our fingertips! Infotainment systems are the same. Once you've experienced everything one of these systems brings to your driving experience then you will wonder how you ever managed without it.
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