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Tips and Advice

Road trip tips

We give you some of our top tips for a safe and comfortable drive
Road trip tips for a safe and comfortable drive
Are you going on a road trip this year? Perhaps you're visiting family or friends, or just getting away for a holiday? Whatever it is, in this article we've put together some of our top tips for a safe and enjoyable trip. Whether you're going alone and need to avoid the stress of traffic jams, or with the family and you need to keep the children amused so there isn't a riot in the back seat.

Is it worth having a company car?

We look at whether having a company car is still worth it...
Company cars have always been popular. They can be a great incentive to staff and prove a good way to attract the best candidates to work at your company.But the changes occurring to tax benefits may have many questioning whether it's still worth having a company car. In this article, we look at whether a company car is still worth it, and what the alternatives are.

Can I get car finance on someone else’s behalf?

Everything you need to know about car finance for someone else...
There might be an occasion where you want to lease, or finance, a car for somebody else. Whether it be your child, your partner or someone else close to you, you could be wondering whether you can get car finance on someone else’s behalf.Is it possible?In this article, we look at whether you can get car finance on someone else’s behalf and alternative options.

Why is Business Contract Hire cheaper than Personal?

Is Business Contract Hire cheaper than Personal Contract Hire?
Why is business contract hire cheaper than personal contract hire
Is Business Contract Hire cheaper than Personal Contract Hire? The question is a completely valid one, of course, because everyone wants to get the best deal they can. If you have the option of leasing a car through a business then you will definitely want to know if that is the cheaper option. In this article we will look at the main differences between Business and Personal Contract Hire, as well as the pros and cons of both options, so that you are well-informed before you make a decision.

Business Car Leasing for the self-employed

We look at everything you need to know about business car leasing for the self-employed
Guide to business car leasing for the self-employed
More and more people are becoming self-employed and with the rise of start-ups and the ‘gig economy’, it’s no surprise. Of course, if you are a self-employed, then you will most likely need a car. And if you are self-employed, you might be wondering whether you can lease a car via a business lease, rather than a personal lease. In this article, we look at business car leasing for the self-employed including looking at what business options are available to you, the criteria and the business benefits of leasing.
German engineering has long been associated with well-built and reliable cars. However, Volkswagen reliability is something that many people are in two minds about. So, how does the people's car perform when it comes to reliability? We know that the cars are well-built and they have some of the most popular vehicles on the market today, but are they reliable? In the latest article in our updated reliability series we answer all the questions about many of the popular models that the well-known German brand produce.

How reliable is Volvo? An honest assessment of the Swedish brand

Volvo prides itself on its safety innovations, but is it a reliable brand? We investigate...
It’s no secret that Volvo are one of the most ambitious car manufacturers on the market today. They want to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries in their new cars by 2020 and are going to make all of their cars electric or hybrid by 2019. So yes, you could say that Volvo are pretty ambitious. But there is one thing that never really comes up when we talk about Volvo cars, and that’s reliability. How reliable are Volvo? In this article, we look at how dependable Volvo are, and how this compares to their rivals...

Is Mercedes-Benz reliable? An impartial look at the luxury brand’s reliability

We give an honest assessment on how reliable Mercedes vehicles are...
How reliable is Mercedes-Benz?
When you're looking for a new car, one of the most important things to look at is the car's reliability.One manufacturer that often crops up in the reliability debate is Mercedes-Benz. While the brand is certainly prestigious, its reliability has been thrown into question several times.In this article we look at several of Mercedes' more popular ranges and analyse their reliability, hopefully answering some of the pressing questions you may have if you are looking to purchase or lease a new Mercedes.

Safety tips for driving in extreme weather

Our tips to driving in extreme weather conditions...
Driving in extreme weather conditions
Weather is getting more extreme. We can’t deny this, it’s been happening for quite a few years now. Our winters are getting wetter and colder, our summers breaking heat records year on year, and that’s just the UK. Because our weather is getting more extreme, we need to adjust. Whether that means you invest in an air conditioning system for your bedroom or consider triple glazing, we all need to adjust to this extreme weather. But, we also need to make sure we adjust how we drive. Your driving should vary depending on the weather, and as the weather gets more extreme you will need to know how to navigate the roads safely. So in this article, we are going to talk about how to drive safely in each extreme weather condition, including the extreme heat and cold, as well as rain and snow.

Keeping safe on the roads in winter

We give you some tips to keep you safe on the roads this winter...
how to keep your vehicle safe in winter
Winter has descended upon us, and quite quickly. Snow has already been and gone, and so has the shortest day of the year. However, while it might seem like it has already been winter for a long time, we still have a way to go before the leaves start reappearing on the trees and the birds start singing again. In the winter months, it’s important to keep safe when out on the road. So in this article...
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