Toyota Aygo 2014

Toyota Aygo 2014

What’s the lowdown with the Toyota Aygo 2014?


The year was 1987 and there was nothing I wanted more than the orange and yellow pedal car every kid down my road seemed to have – every kid that is, except for me. It had a high roofline and tiny wheels, much like the Toyota Aygo. The similarity is probably why I liked the Aygo at first glance. Now I’m old enough to be able to afford the anniversary edition of the Little Tikes Cosy Coupe, but I’m moved on to bigger and better things. I’m in the market for a living, breathing city car of my very own – possibly the Toyota Aygo 2014.

Driving Experience

First impressions are everything, and the Toyota Aygo 2014 gets in good from the start. The car has a high seating position and good visibility, although the chunky C-pillar hamper vision a bit. The driver doesn’t need to

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