Top vans for bricklayers

Are in you need of a van for your bricklayers business? We explore in this article everything you need to know and the best vans for the job
Builder putting another brick on a half built brick wall
Are you starting up your first masonry business? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to escalate your established business to new heights? Planning to buy a high-quality vehicle which offers great durability as a bricklayer is a big step. Instead of wondering what type of vehicle will be ideal for your business, here in this article, we have got you covered with everything! When it comes to construction, there are a number of vehicles and trailers which can be used for your day-to-day activities. Instead of choosing on the basis of what van your bricklaying colleagues drive, you should give a lot of thought to how you will use the vehicle. What are your requirements and budget? Then choose the one which you think fits your needs the best.

Best cars for accountants

Ever wondered what the life of an accountant would be like? We find out what an accountants typical day is like and what car would best suit their needs
business guy driving nice car
Accountants have this stereotype of being quite.... vanilla. You know, a bit magnolia. But almost every accountant I have met have been quite the opposite. Working with numbers is no great joy. Least of all for me, I'm very much more of a words type person. So perhaps it's that perception that working with numbers is boring that leads to this stereotype. When someone utters accountant I am immediately faced with a mental image of someone wearing an ill-fitting suit and thick-rimmed glasses carrying a calculator. Working on the assumption that the stereotypical accountant is more of a myth, I researched some of the most popular cars driven by accountants. To ensure this list of the best cars for accountants is accurate (because let's face it our accountants love accuracy). I've also looked into a typical day in the life of an accountant. So let's take a look at the best cars for accountants.
Toyota Verso Review
The new Toyota Verso is an MPV that offsets its relatively high purchase price with family-friendly running costs. It’s practical, reliable and well-built. In many ways, it’s the essential car for modern families in 2017. The ability to fit seven people is one of this cars strengths. It’s not the best looking MPV on the market, but it’s usable and thoroughly accomplished and won’t give you any hassle as you carry out your chores on a full or light load. OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our Toyota Verso.

The best hybrid cars for Company Car Tax?

Looking at a hybrid for your next company car? Here are some of the best...
The best hybrid cars for company car tax
If you’re looking for something a bit more eco-friendly and more efficient for your next company car, then you will probably want to consider a hybrid.We understand that electric cars aren’t for everybody, so a hybrid is the next best thing for a car that is good for the environment, and your wallet.Hybrids are also a popular choice for company cars because their CO2 emissions are pretty low. And pretty low CO2 emissions means pretty low company car tax.But hybrid cars are becoming an increasingly popular sight on our roads, and with everyone jumping on the hybrid bandwagon, it’s hard to know which cars are the best. This article will focus on hybrid vehicles, and not plug-in hybrids. The main difference between the two is that a hybrid car will only use its electric motor at low speeds. When the vehicle starts travelling faster, the car will shift to fuel power. The main power source for hybrids is still either petrol or diesel. However, it will use less fuel because the electric motor uses regenerative braking. This captures energy and stores it in the on board batteries.A plug-in hybrid, however, will use electricity until it hits a predetermined state of charge. Only then will it use fuel, while rechargi

Review of the Toyota Rav4: Features / Price / Comparison

Interested in the new Toyota Rav4 SUV? In our review, OSV takes a closer look at the Toyota Rav4 Estate’s pros, cons and takes a look at its rivals...
Toyota Rav4 Review
The new Toyota Rav4 SUV is ideal if you need plenty of interior space but don’t want to pay over the odds when it comes to running a hefty family car.Among the cost-saving perks of this chunky but stylish estate is its five-year warranty, which sets it apart from its rivals who continue to offer the bog-standard three years. The Rav4 is also hugely practical and can boast a massive boot to cope with all your shopping and camping equipment. It comes with a generous amount of standard kit, too.OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our Toyota Rav4 Estate review.

A Massive Review Of The 2016 Toyota Hilux

The new Toyota Hilux is a handsome beast - and it lugs loads pretty well too!
Red Toyota Hilux on the road
Toyota Hilux – it’s a legendary name in the world of pick-up trucks. Well, the original tough guy pick-up truck is back. Originally launched way back in 1968, it’s been twelve long years since the last fresh Toyota Hilux arrived, and with the pick-up market really evolving in the last year or so, the pressure is on Toyota to deliver a quality product that can go up against some improved and developed rivals. It also has to fend off predators that are yet to emerge - Mercedes-Benz and Renault both have their development teams working on pick-ups – so the legendary Toyota Hilux has to be prepared for the future too...

Review Of The Toyota Aygo X-Wave Hatchback: Features / Price / Comparison

City cars these days have to look good in order to have a broad appeal, and the Toyota Aygo X-Wave Hatchback certainly boasts a pretty but assertive face....
Toyota Aygo X-Wave Hatchback
City cars these days have to look good in order to have a broad appeal, and the Toyota Aygo X-Wave Hatchback certainly boasts a pretty but assertive face. Its distinctive styling is only part of its charm, though; it’s bigger than last time around, which makes it more useful, and it’s also really economical.There isn’t a huge amount of power available, but if you’re on the lookout for something that’s small but practical, doesn’t cost much to buy or run, and handles consummately, this super-compact and super cheerful city car is worth a closer look. OSV investigates with our Toyota Aygo X-Wave Hatchback review.

What’s the lowdown with the Toyota Aygo 2014?


The year was 1987 and there was nothing I wanted more than the orange and yellow pedal car every kid down my road seemed to have – every kid that is, except for me. It had a high roofline and tiny wheels, much like the Toyota Aygo. The similarity is probably why I liked the Aygo at first glance. Now I’m old enough to be able to afford the anniversary edition of the Little Tikes Cosy Coupe, but I’m moved on to bigger and better things. I’m in the market for a living, breathing city car of my very own – possibly the Toyota Aygo 2014.

Driving Experience

First impressions are everything, and the Toyota Aygo 2014 gets in good from the start. The car has a high seating position and good visibility, although the chunky C-pillar hamper vision a bit. The driver doesn’t need to

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