Top 5 concerns when leasing a van

Worried about leasing a van? We have explored some of the top 5 concerns drivers have about leasing a van to keep your mind at rest
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Leasing a van can feel like a bit of a minefield. Luckily, we're here to help! There are many factors to take into consideration and so many options that you can choose. Everyone has a unique circumstance and so this is the core reason so many options are available. With so much choice there is bound to be a lease van agreement to suit you. There are different types of Lease agreements that you can choose from as well as different payment plans. Each financial provider offers different variants so it is worthwhile using a leasing broker or checking out a few a providers before making your decision.

The best vans for scaffolders to transport scaffolding equipment

Are you in need of a van to carry scaffolding equipment? We've explored everything you need to know and the best vans for the job
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Whether you are a seasoned scaffolder looking for a new set of wheels or a novice setting out on your own, a van for transportation of your scaffolding is an essential tool in your arsenal. Regardless of how small or big a project is, scaffolders can mainly be found working from the back of their vehicles while loading or unloading materials. That is when they don’t have a cup of tea in hand! Since loading and unloading scaffolding from the van is part of their everyday job, working from vehicles is completely unavoidable. Materials need to be loaded and unloaded regularly from their vehicles so choosing the right van to make lifting equipment as easy as possible.

What are the best vans to lease?

Looking to lease a new van? Here are our favourites...
Best vans to lease
If you’re looking for a new van, you might want to consider leasing it. You get a brand new vehicle, it tends to be cheaper than buying and you can change your van every few years. It’s a very valid option. But which ones are the best? We look at the best lease contracts, the best van to lease, and what you should consider before leasing a van. There are some lease contracts that you can choose from, and which one is best for you will depend on your situation...
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