virtual windscreen concept

virtual windscreen concept


This could be fun on my windscreen, would make those boring drives up the motorway way more interesting…

New head-up display concept shows optimum racing, braking guidance and tracks fastest lap times. See this stunning new technology in action.

As an avid Gran Turismo player, there are certain things I have realised Ill probably never actually have in my cars in real life. Being able to crash into another car at 120mph (with no damage), racing against a ghost car and having the racing line on my windscreen are all features of video games which I never thought would come to the real world. For July’s car video of the month, Jaguar Land Rover announced that two of these three things will become real.

The clever clogs(es?) at JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) have shown off amazing heads-up display technology which overlays the racing line of a track on your windscreen. Not only this, but [...]

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