German engineering has long been associated with well-built and reliable cars. However, Volkswagen reliability is something that many people are in two minds about. So, how does the people's car perform when it comes to reliability? We know that the cars are well-built and they have some of the most popular vehicles on the market today, but are they reliable? In the latest article in our updated reliability series we answer all the questions about many of the popular models that the well-known German brand produce.
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Volkswagen e-Up Vs Nissan Leaf Vs BMW i3: Review & Comparisons

Interested in an Electric vehicle? Explore in this article what we think of the Volkswagen e-Up! and how it compares to other similar cars in the market...
a metallic white volkswagen e-Up! parked in city street
The smiley new Volkswagen e-Up! Hatchback might be a bit unfortunately named (hey up!), but it’s based on one of the most popular city cars around. It’s a lot like the standard VW Up!, except it’s quieter and cheaper to run. That said, it’s also a lot more expensive to buy and depreciates badly. Is it worth making the switch from petrol to electricity? OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our 2018 Volkswagen e-Up! Hatchback review.

The VW Touareg

The Lowdown.

4×4 owners have had a hard time of it in recent years – thanks to the fact that SUVs are all too often singled out for criticism on the green front. The VW Touareg has never been brash – which means it has always seemed to escape the worst of that criticism. The Touareg has been more about refinement than ruggedness and fans of the sleekness and luxury of the original VW Touareg will be pleased to note that these elements are all present and correct in the latest incarnations.

When it comes to the changes that have been made, the emphasis has clearly been on efficiency. There’s a range of advanced diesel engines (and even a hybrid). A lighter body and some new stop-start technology further aid emissions and economy.

All of this comes at a price of course. If you’re looking at an outright purchase option, [...]

[evp_embed_video url=”https://www.osv.ltd.uk/media/vw/new_VolkswagenAmarok_2011_x264.mp4″ autoplay=”true”]For nearly twenty years Volkswagen produced a cute little pickup called the Caddy. It was based on the Rabbit platform making it anything but macho. In 2011, VW released a truck that could eat the caddy whole – the VW Amarok 2014. Unlike its predecessor, the Amarok is rough and rugged just as its name implies. In addition, it also provides the creature comforts demanded by today’s truck buyer.

The German-built VW Amarok 2014 stands out in the sea of Asian pickup trucks that dominate the UK market. VW has produced 4×4 passenger cars for many years, so producing a four-by truck was a natural choice. In addition to its off-road prowess, the VW Amarok 2014 is economical, practical and can haul whatever you need.

Although the VW Amarok 2014 has a utilitarian solid rear axle, it still provides most of the car-like attributes of a modern SUV. Performance it definitely not typical of a pickup [...]

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