Tesla Dips Toe In Used Car Market

This week, Tesla finally dipped into the used car market, and because this is Tesla you just know it’s going to be the big toe – and it’s going to be a very different toe.

Whatever that actually means.

Back to the point: Up until now, the electric-car maker has not offered used cars to customers, firmly believing instead that the best things in life come brand new, but consumers can now get their hands on a used Tesla through their website or their stores.

Don’t expect them to come cheap though, because Tesla are predicting they won’t depreciate as badly as some rival electric cars. Damn you, Tesla!

CEO, Elon Musk, said that “we’re (Tesla) going to hit a wave of used cars.”

The wave is expected now that the Model S vehicles have come off leases, whilst Tesla are also about to introduce some new models, including the Model X, which will arrive this summer.

The used cars on sale will be certified used cars, which essentially means they haven’t been put through their paces as much as a non-certified car.

As of yet, ALG, an independent car value researcher, has been unable to project resale values for the used Tesla Model S vehicles, but a comparative rival, the Nissan Leaf, is projected to retain 36% of its original value.

Tesla though, are pretty much a mystery in the marketplace.

British DashCam Sales Soar

British high street sales of dashboard cameras are up a whopping 918% as us Brit’s go crazy for in-car videos and selfies.

Whether we’re trying to capture “hilarious” “random” crashes, or whether we want to see how cool we actually look when we’re driving and eating, it seems that we all want in on the DashCam craze.

Okay, the real reason drivers snap up DashCams is so they can provide independent footage in the event of a crash. Whenever liability is disputed, the court can turn to the DashCam.

But that just sounds pretty boring.

Still, DashCam developer NextBase says that all the UK leading insurers will consider DashCam footage in a claims process, with a spokesman for the trade body the Association of British Insurers saying: “This technology can enable insurers to adjust the cost of premiums or provide other incentives based on how individuals drive.”

Yawn. Surely it’s more hilarious to capture your husband struggling to eat a slice of pizza whilst driving? You could turn it into a Vine. Or how about someone dropping their phone whilst driving, and swearing when it smashes on the floor? That’s a good one.

New & Exciting – Porsche Unveil $100 Million User Experience Centre In America

Like the idea of a classic car gallery? How about a driver development track? What about a restoration centre too and a human performance lab? Does a driving simulator lab tickle your fancy?

If you answered yes to all the above, the brand new “Industry-first facility” developed by Porsche in Atlanta could be the next place you visit.

Christened the Porsche Experience Centre, the centre is the biggest investment outside the brand’s native Germany, and is a huge complex that combines entertainment with business.

Measuring at 13,000 square feet, the centre comes with a huge conference and event space, as well as an upmarket restaurant, named Restaurant 356.

Guaranteed to attract tourists – Porsche say an anticipated 30,000 guests each year.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the centre is the 1.6 mile Driver Development Track that comes with 6 instructor-led driving modules. Included in the modules are Dynamics Area, Low Friction Circle and Off-road Course.

Porsche say:

“The experience centre coupled with our HQ is truly the first of its kind in the automotive industry.”

Okay, it’s not quite Disney Land, but it still sounds pretty cool. And who knows? Perhaps there’ll be men dressed up as cute and cuddly Porsche’s.

Toyota Posts Third Straight Year of Record Profit

Toyota might not be selling exceptionally all around the world, but thanks to some serious cost cutting and bumper US sales, they’re about to post a third straight record in 2015.

Indeed, Toyota are about to report that net income surged a massive 50% in the first quarter of 2015, and it means the Japanese brand remains the planet’s top-selling automaker. Net profits for this year are expected to rise by 3.5%.

Part of the reason for the unprecedented sales growth is due to an “intentional pause” decreed by President Aki Toyoda, who foresaw the benefits of such a stammer in production. It has meant that sales have trundled along at a sustainable rate, and it has meant that Toyota has not been besieged by problems of overcapacity.

Toyoda, whose name is almost identical to Toyota, said: “I think we are at a stage where we can move on to putting into practice what we have been preparing during the intentional pause.”

The future is looking bright for Toyota in terms of profits, with the brand set to undergo a new initiative called Toyota Global Architecture, a drive which will cut development and production costs even more.

George Clooney Didn’t Get A Porsche

To all intents and purposes, George Clooney would seem to be a man who has everything – but he doesn’t have a Porsche.

It was the Hollywood legend’s birthday recently, but unfortunately his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, hasn’t got this birthday gift thing figured out just yet.

“It wasn’t a Porsche,” moaned the Oceans Eleven star, who already has an enviable collection of sports cars and motorcycles. “Did you see that? Didn’t get a blender, didn’t get a Porsche.”

We’re not quite sure whether a blender and a Porsche are even in the same price bracket (perhaps they are in Hollywood), but clearly Clooney is a man with diverse tastes.

Perhaps his wife simply found it too hard to choose which Porsche to get him; after all, does she go for the hefty Porsche Cayenne to help Georgie with his shopping, or does she go with the dynamic Porsche 911 to help him beat the rush hour traffic?

In the end, the decision was clearly too much for her to make, but perhaps next year she can take him to Porsche’s all-new user experience centre.

Will Titterington
  • 11th May 2015

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