Tesla lines up at 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed – makes history!

Apparently, Tesla don’t do marketing. Yet the EV powerhouse this week rocked up at Goodwood Festival of Speed with a large double-storey stand stuffed with all kinds of eye-catching, magnetic machinery that visitors couldn’t keep away from.

It was a statement of intent from a brand that is determined to make its mark in an automotive industry filled with seasoned rivals that are determined to keep it out.

Tesla might have no history and no real prestige as of yet, but they know how to whip up a storm like no other brand.

Who needs heritage when you’re this good?

Goodwood is supposed to be a mecca for prestige, history and car heritage, but judging by the crowds it seemed as though nobody could keep away from the Tesla stand.
Indeed, on yesterday’s evidence, Tesla’s ability to transfix a crowd should be a warning to all other major players in the automotive industry.

Despite modest sales, Tesla have managed to become the talk of the town on both sides of the Atlantic.

The crowds at Goodwood are not mere window shoppers gaping in awe at an unusual but off-limits spectacle either; pre-orders for the Model 3 suggest that it’s going to be a big seller.

Industry insiders continue to tell us that the Model 3 won’t make good on all the promises Tesla are making, but whether or not it succeeds in the face of strong competition of more established rivals is neither here nor there for some.

It’s the journey that matters for companies like Tesla, and this is a super exciting one that OSV is going to keep a close eye on.

Will Titterington
  • 23rd June 2016

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