TG’s big budget car track test

As “The Stig” proves, big budget hatchbacks can still give you some performance and economy but in the case of the Dacia Sandero not much else. Does it matter? Asks Top Gear

It may not look it, but the Dacia Sandero is the world’s most advanced car. This is because it’s actually a time machine. Note its unapologetically steel wheels, the absence of any adornment whatsoever, and a key that is just that and nothing else. There’s no central locking (remote or otherwise), minimal seat adjustment, air-conditioning comes courtesy of the windows (lowered on winders), and the radio is proudly unintegrated into the dash. In the Sandero, a multimedia experience is having a conversation with your passenger. It’s the Seventies all over again.

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 14th May 2014

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