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The Bentley Continental GT Has Got a New Engine

The Bentley Continental GT has got something special under the hood…

Bentley Continental GT V8

Bentley are revealing the story behind the remarkable 40% reduction in fuel efficiency provided by their new V8 engine.

The prestigious car manufacturer knew that this needed to be achieved without sacrificing the signature Bentley performance that makes people purchase, lease or finance one of their cars.

How did Bentley do it?

By far the greatest improvement in fuel efficiency and emissions was achieved by downsizing the engine.

By moving from a 12-cylinder to a V8 engine, Bentley engineers produced a 16% saving.

The new 8-speed ZF transmission saves Bentley drivers another 6 percent on fuel consumption, while the cylinder deactivation feature, allowing the Bentley to use a V4 mode when required, saves five percent.

Bentley saved three percent by introducing both variable power steering and a Bosch engine management system.

Reducing weight and drag saves 2.5%, while thermal management saves two percent and fitting tyres with a lower rolling resistance saves one percent.

This all adds up to a significant reduction in fuel costs for anyone looking to purchase, lease or finance a new Bentley Continental GT.

How have Bentley retained performance?

For the first time, the Bentley Continental V8 engine uses high pressure twin turbocharges combined with a direct injection system.

And the new Bentley 8-speed transmission doesn’t just increase efficiency, it improves performance too.

It will give the new Bentley Continental the flexibility of optimised engine speed, allowing for faster, smoother gear changes, even when moving through multiple gears in one go.

When really fast acceleration is wanted, for instance, it can effortlessly switch from fourth gear all the way up to eighth.

The resulting new Bentley Continental GT

After premiering their new Bentley range at Detroit earlier in the year, it’s now on sale in the UK.

And the new V8 engine gives an immediate benefit to owners: it’s available to purchase, lease or finance for £13,000 less than the 12-cylinder model.

Bentley are confident that this bold new move is going to draw a new audience to its best-selling car.

The company believe that the new Bentley Continental GT will be particularly popular to lease, purchase or finance with a younger, more extroverted and aggressive audience.

Meanwhile their Bentley Continental W12 will continue to appeal to more mature, elegant and subtle drivers.

The new Bentley Continental GT’s are distinguished by a bold black matrix grille, high-performance 21-inch tyres and distinctive figure of eight exhaust pipes.

Prices for the new range start at £123,835 for the Bentley Continental GT Coupe, while the GTC Convertible is available to purchase from £136,250.

Even more refined add-ons are available too – like ceramic brakes for £10,000 or liquid paint for £24,000.

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