The luxurious new BMW 7-Series

Image of the New BMW 7-Series

The Technologically Advanced New BMW 7-Series

The new BMW  7-Series is an illustration of BMW’s dedication and commitment to developing the finest flagship car model that is elegant, comfortable, efficient and refined.

The new 7-Series, with its many superb design enhancements which include uniquely designed adaptive LED headlights, also comes with accentuated body lines and a balanced blend of colours inherent to the BMW 7-Series.

There are also enhanced control display plus an optional multi-function equipment panel that provides access to connected drive technology, a revised range of ultra-efficient engines, an eight-speed auto-gearbox and efficient dynamics technologies.

This latest BMW 7-Series with its enhanced performance and significantly reduced CO2 emissions will go down in history as the first active Hybrid to ever sell on the UK auto-market, thanks to the 3.0-litre, 6-cylinder engine and the lithium-ion battery for electric power.

There is a whole host of new cutting-edge technology including a new system that recognises pedestrians in the dark and highlights them with a beam of light – unique to BMW.

The impressive exterior of this luxurious vehicle looks stylish from virtually every angle and a new rear seat entertainment package brings an iDrive controller and a pair of 9.2 inch screens that ‘float’ above the backs of the front seats.

The technologically advanced BMW 7-Series is beautifully made, fully equipped and spacious, with the diesel having the lowest-CO2 and best economy luxury car on sale.

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