The MINI John Cooper Works GP – The ‘Fastest MINI Ever’

Image of The MINI John Cooper Works GP - The 'Fastest MINI Ever'

The MINI John Cooper Works GP – Limited Edition Build

Looking for a brilliant sports car? The MINI John Cooper Works GP is the fastest Mini ever to be built in the UK.

This British premium brand is delighted to present this new ultra-performing car that is positively brimming over with extra-ordinary features.

The sporty new Mini will be very fast and will be available for both purchase and lease in the UK later in the year. With just 2000 Mini GP units scheduled for build, this Mini hot hatch will be a limited edition.

Behind the performance superiority of the MINI John Cooper Works GP, there is an exclusive powertrain, aerodynamics technology and a powerful chassis typical of sports cars.

With a twin-scroll turbo engine, the car is capable of generating an outstanding torque, remarkable elasticity and amazing performance.

This car’s interior contributes immensely to its inspirational racing appeal; with the requirements and interests of the driver well catered for.

With many car manufacturers moving away from fuel guzzlers, the MINI John Cooper Works GP is no exception. The car consumes less fuel than any other car model in the industry.

Regarding CO2 emission, the car is a step head towards a greener generation with very negligible emission levels.

So, with the wraps off this latest creation, it just remains to be seen just how fast this MINI John Cooper Works GP really is!

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  • 17th May 2012

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