The need for speed: introducing the Nissan GT-R Track Pack

Image of The Nissan GT-R Track Pack

The Need For Speed: The Nissan GT-R Track Pack Finally Here

To quench our thirst for faster and lighter cars, Nissan has responded with the introduction of the GT-R Track Pack, the most focused of Nissan’s high performance range that combines speed with light features.

Offering a more focused driving experience, the exterior of the Nissan GT-R Track Pack is extremely appealing, with features such as gloss black centred six spoke alloy wheels, that also contribute to the total lightness of the car, reducing its weight by as much as 10 kg.

Track performance is optimized with specially designed stiffer suspensions which add an extra edge around the track.

With the help of GT-R development driver, Toshio Suzuki, the Track Pack comes with a harder setup, increased body rigidity and perfect suspension. This will certainly help at the track, with drivers easily able to switch the suspension for road driving.

The inside has undergone some changes too, with GT-R losing the rear seats to make more room for the track ready front seats and have been made from leather and a high friction fabric, allowing drivers to “stick” in their seats when taking hard corners or braking.

The Track Pack engine’s output is still pretty much the same, with 550PS and an acceleration time of 0-62 in 2.8 seconds.

The Nissan GT-R Track Pack is geared for the UK and Japan markets and those looking to lease this vehicle can do so later on in the year.

With its outrageous performance and handling, the 2012 GT-R is one of the most capable cars on the road.

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  • 27th April 2012

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