The Suzuki Swift Sport – Available To Finance

Image of the new Suzuki Swift Sport

The New Suzuki Swift Sport

The Swiftest Sport from Suzuki

Suzuki is overly delighted to reveal its gratuitously new Swift Sport to all its clients who will by all odds close the purchase with a million accolades for its super power.

It is amazingly incredible to learn that Suzuki emerged as the ‘Best Hot Hatchback’ just after a few sales in the UK.

The comprehensive judgment by the editorial team and the concurrence to name Suzuki Sport for the award is a reason strong enough to recommend the Suzuki Swift Sport for purchase, lease or finance.

To purchase this voguish Suzuki, you will only have to part with £13,499. This creature boasts a number of salient features that retains it atop the class.

For instance, the new Suzuki Swift Sport comes with seven airbags, an automated air conditioning system, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity and a sparkling appearance that matches its classical performance.

In addition to the above, a finance or lease of the Suzuki allows one to appreciate the USB facilities that add color to the class of this magnificent car.

The Power Behind The New Swift Sport Suzuki

With exhaust emissions not exceeding 147g/km and a fuel consumption of 44.1mpg, the purchase of this new Suzuki Swift Sport should be the one dream that turns every head.

The car flaunts a reinvented 1.6-litre 136hp VVT engine that is capable of reflecting 121mph.h as the maximum speed.

Prestige and luxury are both key to satisfaction of any individual and the new Suzuki Swift Sport does not rip these from your package.

The car is built with 17 inch alloy wheels, HID Projector headlamps and has its body finished with a metallic paint – all good reasons to purchase one of these new cars.

Grab yourself this Suzuki and get real value back for your finances.

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