Thief trys to steal Porsche by cutting whole in roof

Strangest Spills On UK Motorways Revealed – Including Marmite And 6,000 Chickens

Earlier this week, Highways England revealed a selection of the strangest items that have been spilled on UK motorways.
Last week, 24 tonnes of lard dumped on the M11 caused it to close for 24 hours, inspiring the release of the strangest ever spills on our motorways.

And it turns out that lard is nothing in comparison to the list of gruesome delights that at times verge on the macabre:
• 6,000 chickens
• Raw human sewage
• Thousands of tins of lager
• Animals blood
• 10 tonnes of salmon
• Hundreds of tins of baked beans
• Powdered cement
• Marmite – 20 tonnes

Melanie Clarke, director of customer operations at Highway England, said: “Our roads are among the safest in the world, and safety is our number one priority.

“Our role is to ensure we clear incidents quickly, and keep traffic moving to minimise delays. We work closely with the emergency services, in challenging circumstances, to try to keep drivers moving after an incident.
“We know drivers get frustrated when their journeys are disrupted but we do all we can to clean the road quickly after an incident – and it’s often much more complicated than simply moving the vehicles off the road to reopen it. That’s why it can often take longer for us to safely reopen roads when a potentially dangerous substance is spilled in an incident.”
Milk poses a particularly nasty problem, as it can easily rot the road. All traces of milk have to be removed before a road can be reopened.
Meanwhile, one of the biggest cleanup operations was reserved for the ten tonnes of salmon that was spilled on the M62 in Humberside. The spillage happened at around 2.45am in the morning, with the road finally reopened at 6pm the following day.
Surprisingly, it took teams just 4 hours to clean up the animal blood, while 1,500 of the 6,000 chickens sadly died when their lorry lost its load on the M62.
As for what became of the thousands of cans of lager in Salford, no one knows, though one local we spoke to couldn’t stop hiccuping.
Mercedes-Benz Prepares To Sell A Selection Of Its Classic Cars
Mercedes-Benz Museum has recently unveiled a new program called All Time Stars, in which classic car enthusiasts will be able to buy classic Merc’s.

Yup, classic car fans are now able to buy a vintage Benz from the famed Mercedes museum, which basically means that you no longer have to hunt them down from snooty private owners who are spread out all over the planet.

Apart from that obvious benefit, the vintage vehicles in the museum also go through diligent inspections which means that any faults or blemishes will be recorded. Although they won’t be eradicated, at least you’ll know what you’re getting.

The range of classic Mercedes’ that are available is extensive, with the oldest being a 1929 Type 630 Kompressor, and the newest a 1995 E 20 convertible.

The cars are all divided into three categories, starting with the Premium Edition, which have done just a handful of miles, and which are still in mint original condition.

The Collectors Edition is made up of vintage Merc’s that are still in excellent condition, but that have done a fair bit of mileage, and which have a patina.

The Drivers Edition is at the lower end of the market. Basically, you will need to do a bit of restoring.

Man Tries Stealing Porsche By Cutting Hole In Roof

CCTV has recorded footage of a would-be thief cutting open the roof of a cabriolet Porsche Cayenne before dropping in and attempting to drive away.


The footage records the moment the geezer approached the stationary car, peeking inside before callously slashing the canvas roof.

He then lumbers inside the red Porsche, tripping the alarm.

Not only did CCTV record the thief, but passers-by who were strolling around in broad daylight must have seen something too.

After all, it was morning and it was Mayfair.

Unable to get the Porsche started, the dispirited youth pops back out of the hole and slides out of the car.

Police arrived on the scene at 8:05am, and found a Porsche that was scratched and which had a damaged door lock.

At 10:53am, there was a robbery at JD Sports in Oxford, with the assailant matching the description of the hapless Porsche roof ripper.

Failing to half-inch a Porsche, he had to settle for a pair of trainers, tracksuit bottoms and a sports top.

Staff challenged him, but he swung his knife at ‘em.

Police are still trying to find him.

Ford’s Active Noise Control Feature To Zap All Noise

Driving is stressful a lot of the times, and the last thing you want to hear is noise all around you.

Whether it be the morning traffic, irate honking horns, or even the sounds from inside your own car, all of it can play a part in cultivating road rage.

It is with this in mind that we welcome the news that Ford’s new Active Noise Control feature will – theoretically – provide insulation from external noise, as well as suck up all internal noise, before firing it out of its virtual exhaust.

You might well raise a few eyebrows and point out that loads of high-end cars already have a similar feature, but Ford’s Active Noise Control has a USP in that it manages to eradicate your internal car noise too.

It will even silence your nagging passenger, as well as backseat kids who ask if you’re there yet.


Using a triple set of microphones, the system cleverly monitors noise levels and pumps intense wave sounds into the cabin, before neutralising them.

It can anticipate noises, such as acceleration. In a few years’ time, perhaps it will even neutralise coughs if it recognises repeated patterns.

And although some prefer to hear an engine’s thrum, the biggest advantage of Active Noise Control is that you will at least be able to hear your music more clearly.

Ford’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Cartwright, said: “Noise is intrusive and reduces the driver’s mental processing power, and can lead to distraction and stress.”

The tech will be available from 2016 onwards.

Car Sales In Russia Down By Nearly 50%

If you thought you were having a bad week, spare a thought for Russia, who has seen her car sales slump by a mega 43% for the first nine months of 2015.

2.34million new cars were sold in Mother Russia in 2014, with sales not expected to rise above 1.3million this year.

The prime reason for the disaster is the fall in value of the rouble, which was precipitated by a near-vertical fall in the international price of oil, which was in turn precipitated by Western sanctions that have slowed the Russian economy.

Though we can’t help thinking that the fact that Russia’s only new car of 2015 was a Lada has had something to do with matters.

All car manufacturers have been gravely affected, with studies showing that only a handful of Korean, Russian, German and Japanese brands increased their market share.

Volkswagen sales were hit the heaviest, and are down 48%. Toyota’s sales are down by 27%, while Hyundai is down 15%.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the shrinking market will not recover to what it was in 2012 for at least another 6-7 years.

General Motors have already said they will idle their St. Petersburg plant, while sales of its Chevrolet models will be halted.

Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, Joeg Schreiber, said: “What we are seeing now in the sales statistics is the long-predicted ‘hole’ in consumer demand, caused by the pull-ahead of car purchases at the end of last year, and compounded by heavy price inflation in the current year.

“The situation will stabilize, but we are not at this point yet.”
Looks like another economical winter is ahead for Russia.

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  • 13th November 2015

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