Top Gear’s James May Prepares To Sell His Porsche 911

That other geezer from Top Gear, James May, has put his beloved Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera up for auction.James May 1984 Porsche 911

May, who quit Top Gear after his co-host Jeremy Clarkson chinned the producer, has put the speedster up for sale because he doesn’t actually use it – his parents do.

And now Mrs and Mrs May have decided that they’re just too old to keep on driving a pocket rocket that can propel their brittle bones from rest to 100mph in just 13.6 seconds before maxing out at 152mph.

May has described the car as a “piece of social history that stands for everything that 1990’s Britain was about.”

Yeah, sure. ‘Cause 1990’s Britain was all about 35K cars.

You may have seen the car before (it was used in James May’s Toy Stories), but if you haven’t, Google it before making your bid.

Careful, though – it’s expected to fetch upwards of £35,000 when it will be sold at the end of June at Goodwood.

May is no stranger to selling his wares at the car boot, and recently made a mint by selling off a large chunk of his motorcycles.

Well, now that Top Gear is over, I guess it’s time to be a bit more sensible and buy a Ford Fiesta, right?

UK Supersonic Car “Bloodhound” Hopes To Break World Record

The marvellously named Bloodhound supersonic car is all set for a trial run as it seeks to smash the land speed record.

With driver Andy Green, 52, at the helm, Bloodhound is expected to be trialled at a mere 200mph – some way off the ultimate target of 1,000mph.

Green at least has prior experience with fast cars, telling us:

“I had a Ford Sierra back in the day when I used it to get to work, and I’ve even driven a Ford Puma. So I know what I’m doing.”

Giggles aside, Green actually holds the current land speed record, driving up to 763mph in the US back in 1997.

But is 1,000mph going to take even speedster Green by surprise? His team’s Richard Knight advised caution when he said:

“We cannot rush to try to get to 1,000mph. You don’t hurry to go that fast.”

Indeed you do not. I once rocketed to 83mph in my Ford and had to have a sit down afterwards.

The Bloodhound is backed by a Rolls-Royce E200 jet, Nammo hybrid rockets and a Jaguar engine and can manage a mile in just 3.6 seconds.

Reports that a team member has been fired for borrowing the Bloodhound to nip to Tesco for some waffles are so far unconfirmed.

Road Safety Charity Orders Scottish Government To Take Action

It turns out that Scotland is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, even more dangerous than Colombia and war-torn Syria.

This is because Brake, the UK’s most popular road safety charity, has urged the Scottish government to take steps in a bid to put a lid on the alarming amount of recent deaths on wee Scottish roads.

According to a report released earlier this week, 200 Scottish folk were killed on the road in 2014. This represents a rise of 16% over the previous year.

Indeed, the upward trend suggests 2015 is all set to be a record-breaker unless something is done.

The most glaring revelation in the report is that more pedestrians are being killed than ever before.

“We are frightened about what this report might do to the tourist trade,” said a Scottish insider. “We don’t want to look like an anti-pedestrian country. The truth is, we love those wee pedestrians as much as anyone.”

Yet the alarming trend is not just limited to the Scots, as there has been an overall increase of 4% in the number of deaths and serious injuries on the UK’s roads.

Scotland, though, has most to do. Ed Morrow, campaigns officer for Brake said:

“The statistics from Scotland reaffirm the grim fact that became apparent in February – road casualties are heading in the wrong direction. Unlike other parts of the UK, Scotland has the power to act independently and tackle the problem.”

So what are Scotland going to do about it, besides watch more football?

Well, for a start, they’ve already lowered the drink drive limit. The next step is surely to introduce a 20mph urban speed limit across the country. Then, they could do a lot worse than implement a graduate driver license pilot in order to prevent young drivers crashing their cars.

Three cheers for Scotland!

Mercedes Are Fastest Selling Used Cars

Fancy a used car? According to data released this week, most of us can’t wait to get our hands on a used Mercedes as soon as they go up for sale.

According to the data published by Auto Trader, Mercedes accounted for five of the top 10 fastest selling used cars in the UK.

The quickest seller overall is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which takes an average of 16 days to change hands, whilst a used Mercedes-Benz SLK takes an average of 20 days to shift.

Karolina Edwards-Smajda of Auto Trader said: “In the three months since Auto Trader started publishing these figures, models in the top ten have consistently aligned closely to their optimal retail price position.

“That should resonate with every dealer because the same principle applies to each car on a forecourt. If you want to sell quickly, price to the retail market – that’s the market as it is now, not as some might suggest it could, should or might be.”

Other Mercedes in the top 10 include the Mercedes Benz B-Class, which takes 21 days to sell, and the Mercedes-Benz CLS Saloon, which takes 24 days to sell.

A used Proton Savvy is generally sold in an “indefinite” amount of time.

In terms of regions, the fastest selling used car in London is a Nissan Qashqai, whilst in Yorkshire it’s a Citroen C1.

In Norfolk, it’s a tractor.

China Replicates The Land Rover Evoque

Land Rover are not happy with China right now. Not after they went right ahead and made a carbon-copy of their Land Rover Evoque.

“It is a pity for us, and for the overall economy and reputation of China because I thought copying was a thing of the past,” moaned Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover.

It isn’t the first time China has copied a car right down to the exhaust pipe, but it finally seems as though one company has had enough.

“They not only copy-pasted the exterior,” continued Speth, “but also the interior. I just hope the customer, at the end of the day, sees the real difference.”

The problem is that car manufacturers like JLR are powerless to actually do anything about it. Copying is just one of those things that happens in the automotive world, with everyone expected to just “deal with it.”

The car in question is the LandWind X7, and one look at it tells you everything you need to know. The good news though? It’s three times cheaper than the Evoque.

Yet despite all this feuding, JLR continues to enjoy a good relationship with China, and has investments of over $1.8 billion in the Chinese market. Indeed, sales in China for JLR have rocketed by 30%.

When we asked China for a comment, they challenged Speth to “come over here and say that to our faces.”