Top vans for florists

Need A Flower Delivery Vehicle? Here’s The Top Vans For Florists!

Running a floristry business is more than just making stunning arrangements. This is why a good delivery vehicle can take your business to the next level. Offering a delivery service so that you can transport fresh flowers to your customers is great to improve your business. Here in this article, we have got you covered with everything you need to know about choosing the best delivery van for your flower business!

It goes without saying that as a florist, you need a reliable van which can maintain the quality of your flowers. The van will need to keep your flowers at the correct temperature, allowing you to deliver fresh blooms in all their glory. Investing in the right commercial van is vital for customer service to ensure that your flowers remain fresh and attractive as you deliver them door to door. No one wants a bouquet of limp roses.

The other Pro of a van for your florist business

Not only will the van cater to your business needs and ensure optimum quality of your blooms but even serve as a marketing and advertising tool.

When you deliver flowers, your vehicle will be outside a business or a home. That can really make a difference to your enquiry levels. You need to create a strong brand identity so that people on the road can observe and even recognise your vehicle which carries the signage of your business. So, the design and body shape of your van is just as important as things like fuel economy.

Here’s your essential guide to choosing the best flower delivery van for your floristry business!

Why refrigerated vans are best for florists

Choosing the right flower delivery van can be very challenging. While you may think that any vehicle with standard air conditioning will be able to work fine, the reality is that only a good refrigerated van will be best at keeping your flowers fresh throughout the delivery process.

Best Temperature For Best Quality 

Though your car’s air conditioning may be able to provide a perfectly pleasant driving environment, your flowers will remain at their optimum quality if they are kept a bit cooler during transportation with refrigeration. After conducting several studies, experts have come to the conclusion that the ideal temperature range for the majority of cut flowers is between 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your flowers in this range can give your blooms a longer lifespan and even minimise wilting during deliveries.

To Maintain The Cold Chain 

Air conditioning of your car works only when the vehicle is on. While this might be ok if you are driving straight to the destination, this can affect the quality of your blooms if you have multiple stops. It is here that the importance of a refrigerated delivery van comes to the picture since it has the ability to control the temperature of your blooms even when the vehicle’s engine is turned off.

To Ensure Customer Satisfaction 

Customers rely on florists who can consistently provide them with premium-quality, beautiful floral arrangements. Thus, you need to ensure that each of your flowers surpasses the expectations of your clients with each and every delivery. Investing in well-refrigerated vans enables you to offer your customers the very best service.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Delivery Vehicle


You need to choose a van which caters to your specific floral delivery needs. The right van can make a lot of difference in delivering flowers and plants to your customers effectively and efficiently. Ensure that the vehicle has sufficient cargo space which can be used flexibly. Delivery efficiency is an essential part of every flower supplier’s success so a refrigerated van which is the correct size will be the key to your success. Think about the area you need to cover and if a large van or smaller van would be best suited to the route.


Does your business deal more with office plants than floral arrangements? Are you on the lookout for the right van which can easily handle bulk deliveries? Jot down what you expect from your van and pick a vehicle as per your space requirements. Remember; your van should be more than just a vehicle with interior shelving.


As stated earlier, standard air-conditioning cannot be relied upon for your business. With Air Con, you won’t be able to control the temperature range during your delivery stops. Choosing a refrigerated vehicle will prevent the need to return to the shop as frequently to ensure flowers are kept fresh, allowing you to make more deliveries.


It’s true that having a van to make deliveries helps you in maintaining the quality of your flowers.  Additionally, a refrigerated van with your company logo on it while you drive around a town can be a great marketing tool. Unlike any regular commercial vehicle, a sign-written refrigerated van can create a lasting impact on people wherever you go.

Choose a vehicle wrap so that it can act as a rolling billboard. Display your company logo, website, contact information and slogan prominently and keep advertising your floral business while making deliveries.

Best Delivery Vans For Every Floral Business

Mercedes Benz Citan 109 LWB

Considered as one of the best small refrigerated vans for florists. The Mercedes Benz Citan 109 LWB is the smallest cooled vehicle of Mercedes. This versatile van is ideal for urban deliveries and short journeys. The largest version can easily carry up to 3.8 cubic metres, while the smallest van has a capacity of 2.3 cubic metres.

What sets it apart from other vans in the industry is the width of the cargo bay. Not only that, fuel economy was clearly a priority while manufacturing the Citan. The Citan engine comes with several innovations, helping you to keep the fuel consumption low. Though it achieves a fuel efficiency of 65.7mpg, you can improve it further by adding the Mercedes BlueEFFICIENCY package.

Ford Transit Connect 

Due to its great novelty, the Ford Transit Connect has quickly acquired huge approval in the automobile industry. Based on Ford’s original Transit, the designers and engineers of the Transit Connect have nailed it. Successfully wrapping up the good qualities of the Transit into a smaller package. With two wheelbase variants to choose from (2.9 cubic metres of space and 3.6 cubic metres of payload), this refrigerated van can easily cater to your bulk floral delivery needs.[vc_single_image image=”59825″ img_size=”article-image”]

Vauxhall Corsavan

The Vauxhall Corsavan is the van version of the popular Corsa supermini. It perfectly mixes a range of high-tech features with a quick drive. The vehicle excels in offering flower suppliers great fuel economy, sharp looks and an almost car-like driving experience with its compact dimensions.

Volkswagen Crafter 

If you have been on the lookout for that one refrigerated van which can easily move large quantities of flowers, the Volkswagen Crafter is the vehicle to opt for. It offers a variety of wheelbases and roof heights which you can choose as per your requirements. Some of its other attractive features include power steering, steering wheel with reach and rake adjustments, heat reflective glass, etc.

Now that you have this handy list of the top flower delivery vans, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to drive your floral business forward with a good refrigerated van!