Turning Japanese: the toy Toyota concept is released at the Tokyo Motor Show

Check this out: the Toy Toyota Concept!

Image is a Toyota Camette - A Concept Car

The New Toyota Camette – A Concept Car

The world’s automotive industry is very dynamic and the quicksilver growth seen in technology has only worked to improve competition among different car manufacturers.

For your product to remain relevant in the market and to compete favorably, innovation and creativity on the part of your engineers is equally paramount for manufacturers.

Toyota has not lagged behind on this, instead; the brand has invested the necessary expertise to make sure that its products remain top-class in the industry. In fact you might say that they have really put the ‘toy’ into Toyota this time.

The toy Toyota concept is a clear illustration of Toyota’s commitment and dedication to deliver the best products to the auto market for both purchase and lease.

Toyota has revealed that it will be announcing the birth of a family-oriented concept car during this year’s Tokyo Toy Show.

The vehicle will be known as the ‘Camette’, a concept vehicle developed with no particular plan for production.

This Toy Toyota concept was intended to have cars ready up for the future generation drivers.

This toy Toyota concept car boasts a customizable body, moving body panels and a ravishingly beautiful exterior.

Its simplistic structure allows individuals to understand more regarding the working of automobiles and their components.

Apart from the striking exterior, the car’s interior presents a sitting arrangement for three occupants resulting in a triangular configuration with the purpose of realising an enjoyable family driving space.

Do you have a family? This car’s sitting arrangement enables easy communication among the various car occupants.

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What do you think of the Toy Toyota Concept?

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  • 14th June 2012

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