Toyota iQ Sports New Customisable Design

The new ultra-customisable Toyota iQ range

Toyota are making their landmark city car even more colourful and distinctive, with a brand new customisation programme.

The new range has hundreds of possible variations, allowing you to create a design that is bold and unique.

Toyota are rightly proud of the clever iQ, which manages to combine seating for four people in a body of less that three metres, and now they’re excited to unveil the next level for the iQ.

Pick and mix design

As a lucky Toyota iQ owner, you can choose from eight colours for the body, and six different leather upholstery options, plus a range of contemporary and stylish decals.

Toyota’s designers wanted to create something a little more eye-catching than standard racing stripes for the iQ’s new decals, instead going for a much more bold and striking approach.

So as a result if you purchase a new Toyota iQ, you might want to go for the classic monochrome Check, the dynamic, swooshing Pulse design or Box, a colourful scattering of quadrilaterals.

Or perhaps the retro daisies of Bloom, the bubbly Aqua or psychedelic Swirl appeal to your fun-loving side?

And why stop at just one? Each design can be specified individually for the cars roof and sides, giving you precise control over the appearance of your new Toyota iQ.

Stylish leathers

All the leather upholstery options for the Toyota iQ are high-end Nappa leather, using either toning or contrasting stitching and shoulder fillet inserts, depending on whether you want the interior to have a zesty and fresh or classically chic look.

You have a choice of six combinations, drawing on a dramatic and strong colour palette.

These include:

Black Leather trimmed with Platinum fillets and stitching
Platinum Leather trimmed with Black fillets and stitching
Red Leather trimmed Platinum fillets and stitching
Black Leather trimmed with Electric Blue fillets and stitching
Black Leather trimmed with Burnt Orange fillets and stitching
Black Leather trimmed with Red fillets and stitching

The last three options all come with the Toyota iQ logo emblazoned on the headrest too.

Pricing and availability

The new customisations are only available on new Toyota iQs, which are available to purchase in the UK from £10,655.  Finance and lease options are also available on all Toyota models.

Toyota’s new add-on decals cost £200 on the side of the iQ and £180 if placed on the roof.

Meanwhile the glamorous Nappa leathers can be added for an extremely reasonable £775.

These prices are all inclusive of VAT, and includes Toyota’s 5 year, 100,000 miles warranty.

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  • 27th January 2012

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  • Andrew| 28th January 2012 at 12:14 pm Reply

    You may also be interested in the history of Toyota the manufacturer which I have added as a link to this post.

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