Toyota’s Geneva Line-Up Which Will Be Available To Finance

Toyota NS4 Plug-In Hybrid Concept

Toyota are gearing up for what promises to be an outstanding display at the Geneva Motor Show.

Eager to show-off their regeneration as a cutting-edge car manufacturer, Toyota are displaying a mixture of production and concept models.

This includes the world premieres for the production Yaris Hybrid and the FT-Bh concept, and European debuts for some of the most eye-catching Toyota concepts seen at Tokyo last year.

Yaris Hybrid

Toyota are revealing the production ready Yaris Hybrid, for the first time.

It will be available for finance, purchase or lease in June this year, and Toyota are proud to be introducing Europe’s first full-hybrid supermini.

Powered by the re-engineered Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, Toyota are excited to be opening the benefits of hybrid technology to an entirely new group of consumers.

Toyota have managed to keep the spacious quality synonymous with the Yaris range, combining it with ultra-low emissions and refined, quiet driving.

GT 86

Widely acclaimed in the media since its release at Tokyo, the GT 86 sports coupe sees Toyota return to form with the delivery of an outstanding high performance car.

Due to be released for purchase, lease or finance this year, the Toyota GT 86 gives an exhilarating, responsive drive, with an affordable price tag.

FT-Bh concept

Another Toyota world premiere for Geneva, so far Toyota are revealing only a few details about this innovative new idea.

The concept is the result of an in-depth city car study, exploring ways Toyota can produce a full hybrid car at low costs.

It’s ultra-lightweight and has exceptionally low emissions, which would make it appealing to lease, purchase or finance.

In producing the FT-Bh, Toyota designers deliberately chose to use only materials and processes that are inexpensive and already used in mainstream production, looking to fulfill Toyota’s dream of making the hybrid concept economical to manufacture.

NS4 and FCV-R concepts

A double European premiere for two of Toyota’s most pioneering new concepts.

The Toyota NS4 is a next-generation hybrid designed to give excellent value for money, along with super modern design and an involving driving experience.

The FCV-R, a hydrogen powered concept car, is a symbol of Toyota’s ongoing commitment to finding the key to mass manufacturing hydrogen cell vehicles.

It’s an important step in Toyota’s ambition to have a hydrogen fuelled car available for purchase, lease or finance by 2015.

Toyota Diji

A new name for the car that was debuted at Tokyo as the Toyota Fun-Vii.

It’s the ultimate connected smart car, with Toyota experimenting with the latest technology to make it completely personable, inside and out.

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