Uber Fined For Running Illegal Taxi Service In France

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Love them or hate them, Uber seem to be everywhere right now – including hot water.

A Parisian court has fined Uber €800,000 after finding the company guilty of running illegal services in France.

Two executives were also fined a combined €50,000, although half of each fine is suspended.

The case centres around the cab-hailing company’s UberPOP app, a service which links riders with drivers who aren’t professionals, but who want to share their cars nevertheless.

The French government had ruled this sort of dealing illegal back in 2014.

Protests for Uber

Uber actually suspended the service last year, but only once protests against it had become volatile.

They maintain that everything they did was above board, and say they will appeal the decision.

Uber said in a statement: “We stopped UberPOP last summer and we are still disappointed by this judgement.”


Only last week, Uber and a number of other firms, including AirBnB, received a boost when the European Commission ruled it unfair for officials to keep banning them because they were harming existing companies, such as taxi firms.

Uber has been under fire in France for the last two years. Although they have 12,000 pro drivers on their books, violent protests against them are becoming more frequent.

Local cab drivers claim Uber break rules, while Uber says its drivers often face violent assaults and intimidation.

Will Titterington
  • 10th June 2016

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