Vauxhall ADAM – Exciting urban chic

Vauxhall have released details of their new urban chic ADAM small car, which has been designed by the Mark Adams team in Europe, with features only normally seen in premium cars. Boasting over one million personalised combinations, you may well ask the question – is one million enough?

Urban Chic ADAM

Sneak peek at the Vauxhall ADAM

The ADAM has a ‘two-tone’ floating roof which makes it look disconnected from the rest of the body, giving it a very distinctive and striking look. It will also be the first car in the A sector that will benefit from the option of LED daylight running lights. There will be 3 trim options, JAM, GLAM and SLAM. Customers will effectively be able to build their own car.

There will be 3 ecoFLEX engines available: 1.2 litres  with 70bhp and two 1.4 litres with 87bhp or 100bhp. All will have the option of Start/Stop technology. Rims will be available from 16-18 inches. Those opting for the 17-18 inch will also benefit from a lowered sporty chassis. The car will be constructed from high grade strength steel resulting in a rigid cabin. Complementing this structure will be front, side and curtain airbags.

7inch touch screen

7inch touch screen for Vauxhall ADAM

The car will have many internal goodies. The infotainment system will support all new media sources including Bluetooth. The control panel is an impressive 7inch touch screen, that enables internet based applications including GPS navigation. Easy hook up to Android and Iphone devices – no phone snobbery here! Other impressive features include a heated steering wheel to warm your mitts on cold winter mornings. There is also a new advanced parking assist system that will tell drivers when they reach a space big enough for the car – no more grumbling from the likes of Tyrone – “It’s too tight” (Snatch).

The ADAM will be available after its official launch at the Paris Motor Show in September, and will reach UK show rooms in 2013.

This looks like an awesome little car for those who desire the personalised touch with the benefit of great internal technology available at their fingertips.

Watch this space!

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  • 12th July 2012

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