“Volkswagen Deleted Emissions Tests Documents”

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A former VW employee has alleged in a lawsuit that Volkswagen deleted documents and obstructed justice after they were accused of cheating on emissions tests in America.

Whistleblower Daniel Donovan claims wrongful dismissal on December 6th 2015, saying he was fired for refusing to join in with the deletions. Instead, he reported them to a supervisor.

According to the lawsuit, the deletions went on for 3 days after the allegations came to light in September.

The new accusations surfaced on Monday this week as European investors in the German motor company filed a billion dollar suit against them. VW have already admitted they cheated on emissions test.

Volkswagen deleted the documents over a number of days

Daniel Donovan says the company started deleting documents on September 18th, immediately after the accusations of emissions tests cheating were first made. According to the suit, VW didn’t stop deleting until three days later.

Donovan was a technology worker for VW whose job was to manage electronic information in product and liability cases.

According to the lawsuit, he was sacked “because of his refusal to participate in a course of action that would spoil evidence and obstruct justice.”

Volkswagen responded to the suit and said that “We believe his claim of wrongful termination is without merit.”

Obstruction of justice could have serious consequences for VW, but it is notoriously difficult to prosecute.

Volkswagen is already facing up to $20 billion worth of fines.

Will Titterington
  • 15th March 2016

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