Volkswagen Passat (2014) first pictures: VW’s Passat Mk8


vw passat estateThe Passat is very important to VW, it sells more of this model than any other world-wide, so the 2014 version, the VW Passat Mk8 has to be really good, it looks like it certainly won’t be short of toys…

The 2014 Volkswagen Passat has been unveiled – you’re looking at the eighth generation of Passat. The new Passat is based on the Volkswagen group’s clever, adaptable MQB box of tricks, the architecture which underpins the Golf Mk7, too. So it’s cleaner, lighter and bristling with tech. And, yes, it remains the epitome of sensible, stout Teutonic values.

This is big business for Volkswagen, make no mistake. In fact, VW sells more Passat than any other model worldwide – 1.1 million units in 2013. In a pleasing reverse of the recent trend to balloon, the new Passat is in fact smaller than its predecessor in length and height, although it is marginally wider.

The new Passat goes on sale in Europe in July 2014, priced from 25,875 (saloon) and 25,950 (estate).However, right-hand drive sales aren’t slated until autumn 2014, tipped to rise by around 5% on today’s Passat.

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