Volkswagen Reportedly Discussed How To Cheat In PowerPoint Presentation


Volkswagen emission scandalVolkswagen just keep getting hit with fresh scandal after fresh scandal.

Some seven months after news broke of their emissions-rigging, sources have told The New York Times that Volkswagen prepared a PowerPoint back in 2006 that included a few “how to cheat on emissions tests” slides.

The presentation has allegedly been recovered, though exact details of who uncovered it and what is in it is bound by legal jurisdiction.

What is clear however, is that if the story is true, it provides the best link so far to the origins of VW Groups deception.

Mismanagement At Volkswagen

It is not yet known how many VW employees were shown the PowerPoint.

But the fact that it possibly exists further showcases the mismanagement of one of the world’s biggest brands.

Moreover, it also suggests that numerous VW staff were fully aware that the companys diesel units were polluting illegal amounts of emissions.

Regulators first started questioning Volkswagen about their emissions in 2014, but the German giants continued undeterred.

The consequences of the ideas laid out in the PowerPoint have exposed VW to criminal investigations, as well as a series of fines that could cost them billions of dollars.

The reputation of the company is also in tatters, though Volkswagen have now begun steps to win back their good name.

OSV last week reported how VW are preparing to buy back 500,000 vehicles affected by the emissions scandal in the US.

Volkswagen will pay around $6,500 per vehicle.

Will Titterington
  • 28th April 2016

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