Volvo Reckon Their Driverless Car Will Be The Best Of Them All

Volvo steering wheel

Volvo have made a few big claims in 2016, but perhaps none have been bigger than their latest: They reckon their driverless car will be better than anything the competition is putting together.

Volvo plan to start selling their autonomous cars by 2020. Their unique selling point? Their cars won’t require any human intervention.

“The thing that is unique is that we are really trying to deploy the technology in reality. And when I say that, I mean self-driving cars that allow drivers to do something else behind the steering wheel.”

Volvo want their drivers to be able to sit back, relax and do whatever they please while the car takes care of the driving.

And by 2020, the Swedish automaker expects their driverless vehicles to be so advanced that they will be able to deal with any kind of situation.

Are Volvo going Semi-Autonomous Or Fully Autonomous?

There are a few automakers that are preparing to develop and produce semi-autonomous cars, which essentially means a vehicle that can drive without human intervention under certain controlled circumstances.

For example, a human would need to interject to avoid an accident.

Tesla have been developing one such feature. Known as the Autopilot, the feature allows their cars to drive on highways as long as road markings are clearly visible. The driver always needs to stay focused just in case a problem arises.

Volvo will be releasing a similar system next year, but reckon their cars will have become so sophisticated by 2020 that no human intervention will be required at all.

Who will be brave enough to get behind the wheel of one such car and take a nap in the back seat?

You first.

Will Titterington
  • 1st June 2016

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