Zika virus claims first automotive victim

zicaThe Zika epidemic that has swept through South America has entered the corporate world, with India’s Tata Motors having to rethink the name of their brand new car, the Zica hatchback.

It seems like India’s leading automotive company just can’t catch a break lately; they were forced into a rethink a few months ago when their Nano failed to sell because the company had labelled it “the cheapest car in the world,” and they have now been forced into a second rethink after another car has the same name as the virus that has suddenly decided to rear its ugly head to coincided with the launch of Tata’s Zica.

To add to the series of unfortunate events, Tata Motors recently got soccer star Lionel Messi onboard to help promote and endorse the Zica, but that bit of showboating has already gone tits-up.

Tata Motors Show Empathy Over The Zica

In a statement, Tata Motors said that “empathising with the hardships caused by the recent Zika virus outbreak across many countries, Tata Motors, as a socially responsible company, has decided to re-brand the car.”

Zica is actually an amalgamation of the words “zippy” and “car” and was set to be officially revealed at the Auto Expo, New Delhi.

It was also being suited and booted for dealerships around India so that customers could have a gander, but that has now been stalled as company executives try to come up with a new name.

Will Titterington
  • 3rd February 2016

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