2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review [Video]

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The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a rarity – an American import which does fairly well in this green and pleasant land. This luxury SUV is an update on its current 3rd generation form which is looking to define itself as something a bit different against the very strong Germanic competition in this segment.

front view of 2015 Grand Cherokee

To look at, it’s still instantly recognisable as a jeep although it looks a little sharper and there are some nice modern tweaks here and there such as smaller, more focused xenon headlights, smarter wheels and a more prominent roof spoiler which all enhance the elegant, muscular styling. The tailgate opens to reveal 782ltr boot (20% more in a BMW X5 or Mercedes M-Class) and can be extended to 1554ltrs by laying the rear seats flat should you need a bit more room. The spare wheel is stored under the floor flanked by two handy storage bins.

The cabin of the new 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee has vastly improved from the older version where it was still pretty crude compared to the class standard. This is especially true where touches of stitched leather and wood plus suede pillar covers adding a bit of luxury and class to proceedings. The seating position is very American – high and commanding, offering a commanding view of your surroundings. The space is dominated by 2 TFT screens – the larger one on the central console which allows you to interface with the Uconnect infotainment system, and one replacing the conventional instrument panel behind the steering wheel, showing the digital versions of the dials as well as displaying important information such as satnav and selected setting terrain mode. In the back, the 130mm increase in wheelbase means a cushy 100mm extra legroom in an area that offers a good general amount of space and reclining seats so that passengers can literally sit back and enjoy the ride.

As its Native American namesake suggest (as well as the reputation of any Jeep you care to mention), this is a real off-road vehicle and can handle pretty much anything. There’s a key change in the vastly improved on-road dynamics. Previous versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee couldn’t quite marry up these contrasting demands in a cohesive manner. In general, the previous models were a bit behind the times with things but this 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee revamp has let the engineers at Jeep learn from all the shortcomings of the original release model. Things like the ancient 5 speed gearbox finally being replaced with a new 8 speed ZF auto transmission much in line with the class norm.

This revised model is based on the same underpinnings as the Mercedes M-Class (which are a full 146% stiffer than before) which has dramatically improved the handling and ride refinement. The 3.0ltr V6 diesel engine of the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee has had a bit of a tweak to enhance its output to a healthy 747bhp and 570Nm of torque so that it can power to 62 in 8.2 seconds up to a top speed of 126mph. There is a 3500 braked tow limit (although for some reason this is reduced to 2949 in the top of the line ‘Summit’ version). It’s also worth mentioning the sporty SRT8 petrol variant which is certainly a performer with a 461bhp V8 engine (62 in 5 secs flat/top speed of 160mph) but it’s unlikely to be a popular model due to very thirsty fuel consumption and incendiary emission figures that are sure to burn fresh holes in the ozone layer.

Off-road, the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is superior to anything else in this class – plowing through rough terrain with comfortable ease. There are two 4WD setups – aside from the standard diesel setup, further up the range there is a plethora of Quadradrive technology to make off-road life easier. The standard set up is still very good, embodying everything a Jeep should be with the ability to change to a set of low range gear ratios and the clever Select Terrain system which allows you to adapt the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s settings to match the surface you’re tackling. This includes an auto mode that use sensors to decide for you if you’re unsure which setting would be best. The upper echelons of the range will get the full benefits of all the Quadradrive technology at their disposal which includes suspension, slip differential lock, clever traction and adjustable ground clearance to make sure you don’t get into a position where you need the extra traction. However the key factor with the top end models is the superior ride quality in general. All that lovely off-road technology is utilised to give you a fantastic magic carpet-like ride back on the road too.

rear view of 2015 Grand Cherokee

All in all, what’s the lowdown with the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee? This is the luxury SUV that previous versions of this vehicle always promised to be but in reality fell short of the mark. It’s good to see that they have revised the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee based on the misgivings of the initial launch model and it shows. It is competent on-road as well as off, good looking, with great cabin space and more acceptable running costs. The rough edges have been smoothed out and it is now a properly competitive machine that can confidently go head to head with the powerful German rivals that have dominated the luxury SUV segment for far too long.

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