What is car subscription?

Car subscription is a flexible alternative to financing and leasing your car.

It allows you to access a vehicle without the commitment and long-term financial obligations. With Wagonex, we connect you to a panel of trusted suppliers who have partnered with Wagonex to provide a wide range of subscription vehicles across the UK.

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Advantages of car subscription include:

  • Car subscription is all-inclusive
  • You have choice and flexibility – offering subscriptions from 1 – 24 months
  • You have the option to swap your car or cancel your subscription should your circumstances change
  • You can choose from a wide range of vehicles and mileage packages to suit you
  • In addition to the car itself, you also benefit from various services that are bundled into the monthly fee. Such as road tax, maintenance, servicing, and breakdown cover.
  • You can enjoy a hassle-free experience and avoid unexpected expenses

Wagonex are also able to provide you with a fully comprehensive insurance quote during the checkout for your subscription vehicle if you wish to do this, alternatively, you can find insurance with a different provider but it is a legal requirement to have this in place.

Overall, car subscription offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for those who need a car without the long-term commitments and additional costs. With a wide range of vehicles
available and services included, subscribers can enjoy the benefits of car ownership without the associated hassles.

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What is the criteria?

In order to be accepted for a vehicle subscription, Wagonex will need to carry out a soft credit check and identity verification. If your circumstances are unusual you may be asked for additional documents to assess your affordability. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be accepted if you are under 25 or have active County Court Judgements (CCJs).

How does car Subscription with Wagonex work?

1. Browse the Wagonex range of subscription vehicles.

2. Choose a vehicle and budget that suits you and choose your contract length and mileage package.

3. Continue through the online checkout process, you will need to fill out some personal details and payment information.

4. Insurance – during the checkout you should be able to choose whether to get a comprehensive insurance quote for your subscription vehicle at the same time. Or you can find this elsewhere once you’ve been approved, this is a legal requirement.

5. Checks – Wagonex will need to run a soft credit check and you’ll receive a text message to help verify your identity. The vehicle supplier will need to assess affordability and you should receive an email within a few times to let you know if your request has been accepted.

6. Payment – All payments are set up for you. However, nothing is taken until a delivery date is confirmed.

7. Delivery – You do have the option to collect from certain suppliers but this will depend on your location in the UK. Delivery is free from many suppliers although some may charge.

8. All Inclusive – servicing, maintenance, roadside assistance and road tax are all part of the monthly subscription payment.

9. Once you’re on the road – if you wish to cancel or swap vehicles – get in touch with the Wagonex customer service team [email protected] or call 020 3002 0976.

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