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The Toyota brand began in Japan in the 1930s. In 2008, the company became the number one automotive manufacturer in the world and has held the title ever since. The ground-breaking hybrid engine technology, which Toyota engineers created over a decade ago, has helped propel the manufacturer to the international top spot. In Europe and the UK, the brand’s best-sellers include the Avensis and the Auris Touring Sports, which are manufactured in Burnaston, Derbyshire. Overall, the falling Yen has made Japanese cars more competitive in recent years.

Toyota controls over 3.5 percent of the market for new cars in the UK. Its success rests in part on the large line-up of models and the wide range entices more buyers to choose this manufacturer in the hope of finding their perfect vehicle. From large MPVs, numerous hatchback varieties, four hybrid sizes, and the Hilux pickup truck, there’s a car to suit nearly any lifestyle or budget.

Drivers can always expect good fuel economy from a Toyota car. Their hybrids range from the sporty Yaris, to the special seven-seater edition of the Prius. The iQ and Aygo urban cars offer a small size for parking and a fuel-smart engine for saving money at the petrol station, whereas family choices include four hatchbacks that offer incrementally bigger sizing, such as the spacious Toyota Avensis. If you like to travel in style, the prestigious Land Cruiser offers an extremely spacious way to explore. The well-appointed cabin comes with extra luxuries and advanced dashboard entertainment features.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable Auris or a pricey GT86 sports car, it pays to get independent help when negotiating Toyota leasing deals. OSV works directly for you. Our buying power means we can find the best lease deals and finance options to suit your lifestyle and ensure that you find your dream vehicle. Call us on 01903 538835, or use our contact form here to get in touch today.

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11th March 2017

The new Toyota Verso is an MPV that offsets its relatively high purchase price with family-friendly running costs. It’s practical, reliable and well-built. In many ways, it’s the essential car for modern families in 2017. The ability to fit seven people is one of this cars strengths. It’s not the best looking MPV on the…

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Massive Review Of The Toyota Rav4: Features/ Price/ Comparison

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Toyota Rav4 Review

Review of the Toyota Rav4: Features / Price / Comparison

6th January 2017

The new Toyota Rav4 SUV is ideal if you need plenty of interior space but don’t want to pay over the odds when it comes to running a hefty family car. Among the cost-saving perks of this chunky but stylish estate is its five-year warranty, which sets it apart from its rivals who continue to…

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Best Hybrid City Cars

Review of the Toyota Yaris Hatchback: Features / Price / Comparison

30th December 2016

The new Toyota Yaris Hatchback is a sensible family choice if you want a cheap and cheerful small car that is practical, reliable and cute to look at. The Yaris has always been a car you can depend on. Easy to drive and versatile, it’s one of those cars that gives you absolutely no hassle…

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Review of the Toyota CH-R Hatchback

A Massive Review of the Toyota C-HR Hatchback: Features / Prices / Comparison

2nd December 2016

Toyota has been fighting to break out of its own beige paper bag of boredom for the last few years. Cars like the Yaris and Auris inspire absolutely nobody, but are competent and reliable machines. Recently – and most distinctively with the new Prius – Toyota’s design division has shown it has broken free of…

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Toyota Auris Touring Sport

A Massive Review Of The Toyota Auris Touring Sport: Features / Price / Comparison

20th September 2016

The new Toyota Auris Touring Sport is actually the Auris estate with a new name. A compact estate car, it looks a lot like its hatchback sibling but comes with more versatility and space for families who are looking for something a little bit bigger now that the kids themselves are getting bigger. But perhaps…

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Toyota Aygo X-Wave Hatchback

Review Of The Toyota Aygo X-Wave Hatchback: Features / Price / Comparison

30th August 2016

City cars these days have to look good in order to have a broad appeal, and the Toyota Aygo X-Wave Hatchback certainly boasts a pretty but assertive face. Its distinctive styling is only part of its charm, though; it’s bigger than last time around, which makes it more useful, and it’s also really economical. There…

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Toyota Avensis Touring Sport

Ultimate Review Of The 2016 Toyota Avensis Touring Sport: Features / Price / Comparison

26th July 2016

The new Toyota Avensis Touring Sport is the Estate variant of the saloon. Built right here in Britain, it’s aimed at both individuals and fleet managers who need a quality, spacious vehicle that also offers respectable running costs. Like many cars in its class, the Avensis Touring Sport struggles to offer much in the way…

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Toyota Prius Review

13th June 2016

When the Toyota Prius first appeared back in 1997, it was an odd-looking specimen that few were interested in. It arrived in Europe by 2000 and flopped. But the brand have been tweaking this car ever since, and it’s got better and better. Nowadays, it’s the best-selling hybrid in the world. The Toyota Prius is…

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