Who’s It For?

The Smart ForTwo ED is the all-electric version of the two-seater compact city car. If the standard model isn’t green enough for you, this ED version emits zero emissions, costs practically nothing to run but is otherwise just like its petrol-powered sibling.

It’s smaller than most of its rivals and seats just two people. It’s brisk, agile and makes perfect sense in towns and cities.

Prices start out from £21,275, the car has a claimed range of 100 miles, while a boot that measures up to 340-litres is very satisfactory. [vc_single_image image=”61790″ img_size=”article-image”]Electric Motor & Handling

Without a gearbox, the Smart ForTwo ED is able to deliver all of its power in an instant. Moreover, the lack of a gearbox means that clunky gear changes don’t disrupt its smooth progress. This makes it ideally suited for urban settings.

0-62 is dispensed within 11.5 seconds, which is a superb turn of pace for a city car. The car is particularly zippy at speeds below 40mph and is able to accelerate from traffic, junctions and roundabout with ease.

The suspension setup is slightly firmer than the standard model but it impresses with its ability to smooth out most lumps and bumps. It’s a sophisticated enough setup that should satisfy most buyers.

Outside of towns and cities, the pocket-sized car will struggle a bit, but its top speed of 81mph means that it’s perfectly possible to take it out onto the motorway.

It’s agile and nimble, and tips the scales at a little over 1,000kg. Negotiating tight urban streets is simple, as is parking. The Cabin

The Smart ForTwo ED gets the same modern, stylish interior as the standard two-seater model.


  • Quality – Cabin quality is good, although buyers will immediately notice a few harder plastics here and there. A colour screen and a pod-like dial that displays the battery status are both nice to look at.
  • Comfort – The suspension setup is sophisticated enough to ensure good ride quality. Comfort for the driver and their passenger is overall fine.
  • Insulation – Insulation is mostly fine in the towns and cities at slow speeds, where the faintest of whirrs from the engine is the only vaguely noticeable noise. Take the car onto exposed country lanes and pick up speed, however, tyre roar and wind noise becomes an issue.
  • Space and Practicality – The Smart ForTwo ED accommodates two people very well, and gives buyers all they need from a dinky city car like this. The elevated driver’s seat means visibility is good, the doors open wide enough to make access easy, but – for the sake of comparison – the petrol-powered version is bigger. It’s easy to charge the car from home, but will be trickier if you have to park on the street.
  • Load Capacity – Its boot measures as much as 340-litres if you load to the roof. Load to the parcel shelf and it measures 260-litres.


Price: £21,275 – £21,880

If you like the standard model, you’ll be pleased at how much more affordable to run this electric variant is.

  • Unlike a lot of EV’s, the Smart ForTwo isn’t exempt from road tax. Buyers will have to pay £130 per year.
  • The car emits no CO2 and has a BiK rating of 9% – the lowest possible. It’s also exempt from the London Congestion Charge.
  • A full recharge costs a few quid, while range is officially given as 100 miles.