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Are you looking to buy a stylish four-wheel drive with exceptional handling? If so, then the Range Rover might be the right SUV for you.

You can browse all the Land Rover/Ranger Rover vehicles available below. If you’d like to find out more about the history and reliability of these off-roaders, continue reading.

How reliable are Land Rover?

Range Rover has a very mixed history when it comes to reliability. More recent models don’t rank the best when it comes to dependability; they aren’t considered to be fuel-efficient and the electrics have a tendency to go wrong. In the most recent reliability survey (2018) conducted by Which?, they placed 34 out of 36.

The history of Land Rover

Though ownership of the company has changed several times over the years, the Range Rover is still manufactured in the UK and has been given the Royal Warrant by the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales.

The brand, originally owned by Rover, was launched in 1948, simply called Land Rover.

The Range Rover was developed in 1970 and the first generation was produced until 1996. Originally it wasn’t designed as a luxury vehicle, instead considered utilitarian with vinyl seats and plastic dashboards. They were designed to be serviceable and easy to clean, ideal for use in rural areas.

The models produced today are very different from their plastic and vinyl ancestors, they now include luxury, spacious interiors and rugged, stylish exteriors.

All Range Rover models offer exceptional handling that is meant to defy their large size and in fact, it is an excellent off-road vehicle. With high ground clearance, four wheel drive, and special skid plate protection, the vehicle allows drivers to venture into unknown territory for a fun and enjoyable ride.

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